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Does Disney offer a price break for groups?


by Karla
(Billings MT)


We are looking at Walt Disney World in February 2012. When is a good time to look at booking our hotel (we want to stay at the All Star Movies). Is there a price difference if we ask for that specific hotel? We need 4 rooms for 9 adults and 6 kids.


All Star Movies - Might Ducks pool

All Star Movies – Might Ducks Pool Photo by Loren Javier


Dad’s all star Answer



First, Disney does offer price breaks for groups, but only if you have 10 rooms or more. So just invite a bunch more friends and you’ll be fine.


Next, prices for 2012 should be released sometime in August. That’s Disney’s normal pattern. You’ll be able to make reservations then. Just keep a watch on Dad’s brand new Disney World News page and I’ll tell you when they are available. It’s not crucial that you make reservations the first day they become available, but sometime in August or September would be good.


About paying extra for choosing a specific hotel, Shhhhh, don’t let Disney hear you say that. No, you can choose any of the hotels. All of the Value Resorts are the same price and so are the Moderate Resorts. The Deluxe Resorts and the Deluxe Villa Resorts have different prices depending on which one you choose.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

February is a great time to visit Disney World. Crowds are low and temperatures should be nice.


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