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Does Disney take Visa Debit or prepaid cards for Hotels?

by steve kay
(manchester uk)

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Hi dad,great website been a fan for a bit and needed to ask you a few questions if you could help us out…1st do you have to have a Visa or Mastercard when you book into a disney hotel,we don’t have these but have a Visa debit card and a prepaid Mastercard.

We are only were there Nov-Dec for 3 weeks,1 week in a villa and hopefully 2 weeks at Caribbean Beach and only have these card. Would the hotel take these payment means or cash, also same for car hire as we are from the UK… Many thanks for your help in advance…

Chairs on the deck at the Wilderness Lodge Villas

Take a load off at the Wilderness Lodge Villas- Photo by Pics from the World of Disney

Dad’s you’ll be fine Answer


You will be fine checking in to Disney Hotels. They will take your Visa or MasterCard for incidental expenses or even for payment of your bill. Oh, and yes, Disney will take cash at any time.

For booking, Disney takes just about anything (including Disney Gift Cards if you can get your hands on those). You can even pay as you go once you have your reservation made.

If you don’t have a reservation made yet, I would highly suggest you get one today. Not tomorrow, but today. There are discounts available for some rooms now, but those rooms are filling up fast. (I do know that a bunch of reservations were canceled recently so you might find a good discount.)

As for the car, I’m not as sure about that. I know that we have used a Visa debit card before, and I’m pretty sure that’s still the way it works.

This is why I highly recommend our partners over at Destinations to Travel. They know all this stuff. Shannon and her crew are the best. They will take great care of you and will get you all set up.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Steve, you won’t have any problems. Give Shannon a shout and you’ll be having a great time at WDW before you know it.

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