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Does Disney World really close?

by Carm
(Ottawa, Canada)

I’ve read that sometimes they close Disney World on days like Christmas, etc. if it is too busy. Is that right? Does Disney World really close if it gets too busy? If we already have our tickets (we’re buying them in Canada for Christmas) – will they let us into the park?

We are only there a week it would be upsetting for two little girls if we can’t get in. Also if we are staying outside of Disney where can we eat dinner Christmas Eve and Christmas Day? Do you need reservations in Disney for those days especially? Thanks for your help.

Dad’s take a deep breath Answer


Congratulations on your Christmas trip to Disney World. You will all have a blast, especially since you got in touch with the ole Dad to help you out.

Let’s knock out the easy one first, will we need reservations to eat on those days? Yes and no. If you want to eat at a full service restaurant, yes, you will need reservations. I’d go today and make some. Where can you eat? If you are willing to eat at off times, there are a lot of choices, but during prime time, you will probably be stuck with the quick service restaurants.

On to your real question, Does Disney World really close when it gets busy? The answer to that is a resounding no. DISNEY WORLD has never closed, except for a couple of hurricanes. Now wait a minute, yes, Dad does know what he’s talking about and some of the “other guys” out there spout misinformation just because they don’t speak correctly.

DISNEY WORLD doesn’t close, but the Magic Kingdom will close to incoming guests on Christmas Day. Guaranteed. For sure. It’s happened for the last umpteen years in a row. But the Magic Kingdom is not DISNEY WORLD. It is in DISNEY WORLD, but there is a whole lot more to DISNEY WORLD than just the Magic Kingdom.

Most years, you can go to the Magic Kingdom on Christmas Eve (Dad’s Christmas Eve at the Magic Kingdom story). It will be busy, but it won’t close. But, don’t plan to be in the Magic Kingdom on Christmas Day. We like to go to EPCOT on Christmas Day. EPCOT devours crowds. It has huge walkways and crowds spread out unlike Animal Kingdom which has small walkways and crowds crowd together. (Yes, I know that’s what crowds do.)

Dad’s Bottom Line

Carm, you will have a great time at Disney World. Just be prepared. Christmas Eve, being a Friday, the Magic Kingdom will be packed. Just follow some of Dad’s basic crowd strategies and you will do fine. Yes, parts of Disney World will close, yes, you will need reservation for sit down meals, but you can have a great trip even Christmas Week.

Dad’s Guide to Disney World Crowds

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  1. Disney closed ALL parks on 9/11… i was there and will never forget hearing this conversation:
    Little girl: “Daddy, why do we have to leave?”
    Father: “Mickey has a headache honey, we’ll come back tomorrow.”

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