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Does food at Disney Restaurants include tax?


by Oscar Cruz


Hello Dad,


I’m not from the US and I’m not sure if I understand how the taxes work in the US.


Here is my question… Does the food at any of the Disney Restaurants includes taxes?


For example, right now at the Coral Reef at Dinner the “Seared Chicken Breast” is 21.99 .. it’s that the final price or should I add taxes to that? Thank you so much for your help.



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No tax at Food Carts

Dad’s Rule of Thumb Answer




Adding tax at Walt Disney World is a funny thing. Whether on food or merchandise, there is almost always tax, but sometimes it’s bundled into the price. It’s actually pretty confusing but my rule of thumb is to always assume taxes will be added – and if they’re not then that’s a happy little bonus! Let’s take a closer look at how food is taxed in the parks and resorts.


Quick Service locations (fast food, ordered from counters, carts or kiosks) will list items with prices. Usually the sign will have some fine print to indicate tax will be added, but you should always assume it will be added. You don’t need to tip at these locations, but whether you’re buying a cheeseburger, fries and a shake or simply a box of popcorn expect to pay Florida’s tax of 6.5%.


Let’s say you stop by the Liberty Square Market for 2 pickles, a Coke, and a Dasani. The pickles are $1.50 each, and the beverages are $2.75 each. Your subtotal is $8.50 plus with tax you’ll pay $9.05.


At Table Service locations (regular restaurants where you’re seated, given menus, and a waiter or waitress takes your order), you’ll definitely add tax, and you’ll need to add gratuity as well (but remember you only need to tip on the meal subtotal, not the total including tax!).


In Florida, it’s recommended to tip 18-20% at table service locations, and at Walt Disney World 18% will automatically be added to the bill for parties of 6 or more.


Dad’s Advice on Gratuity


Looking at your example of a seared chicken breast at Coral reef for $21.99, we would actually come up with a total $27.38. (after adding $1.43 tax and $3.96 gratuity at 18%). And that’s just for an entrée!


Buffets are considered table service restaurants, but often the price per person is listed as including tax. In these cases, you’ll know the final total for each person when you sit down, but you’ll be expected to tip on top of that set price.


One more thing. At the carts that are all around, tax is usually included in the price. So if you pick up a bottle of Coke at one of these carts and the advertised price is $2.50, you will pay $2.50.

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Oscar, when budgeting for your meals, expect to add 6.5% tax to the price for quick service menu items, and around 25% for tax and tip at table service locations.


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Comments for

Jul 06, 2017 what about dining specials
by: ecisme do I also need to add tax (and tip) for a special meal such as the Fantasmic dining package?

Dad Answers

Tax, maybe depending on what site you are looking at for the price, tip definitely.

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