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Does the Pop Century have a hair dryer?

December 2007.

It’s a simple, easy, yes or no question.

Does the Pop Century have hair dryers in the room? It should be easy to find the answer, right?

It’s less than 10 days before our trip, and I can’t get a straight answer. is no help. The major Disney information websites ignore the most important question about the Pop Century ever asked. Finally, I find the information in two places, one says yes, the other says no.

I’m going to hurt someone.

Yes, I know, I was just there 2 years ago. I should remember, but I’m getting old. I can’t ask The Princess or the Man-Child because the whole trip is a surprise to them.

Somebody help me.

Do they have hair dryers in the Pop Century or not?

Every list I look at talks about the phone, the TV, I can tell you which channels we’ll get to watch while we’re there, but I can’t tell you if I need to bring a hair dryer.

I’m frantic.

Just pack the hair dryer, it’ll be OK. Mrs. Mom says.

Yeah, but…

For the record,


Thank you very much.

Just to let you know, I punished the hair dryer in the room by using the one we brought from home.

Ha, Ha.

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