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Dogs at Disney hotels and those allergic to dogs

by Mike
(Boston, MA)

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We have a trip booked for early November. With the news of families now allowed to have dogs at Disney hotels, that’s quite a concern for my allergic wife. We have a trip booked for quite some time now. What happens the week before we get there, a family with a dog who’s in a room? This is not good for those of us allergic to dogs.


Goofy is one of the Dogs at Disney hotels you don't have to worry about, this one is a statue

You might be OK with this dog… – Photo by Rich Ramos

Hi Mike. Yeah this dogs at the Disney hotels kind of came out of nowhere. This is just a test and It’s not in all the resorts. It’s only at four resorts, The Art of Animation, The Port Orleans Riverside, The Yacht Club and The Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. Now, it’s always been available at The Fort Wilderness Campgrounds, but now you can do it at the other three resorts.

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Let’s talk about the realities of this dogs at Disney hotels. First, this is going to be limited areas in these resorts. Second, there are designated areas in these resorts for pets because they’re going to be close to this special outdoor area that they’re building for pets, a pet run, that they’re building. They’ve just limited it to a very small part of the resorts. It’s not like they’re going to be in all the rooms.

Limited Rooms

The dogs at Disney hotels policy allows just a small number of rooms in each resort. And so the chances of you randomly getting a room that had a dog in it the night before is almost nil. You can ask. You can make it part of your requests that you fill out that you’re not in the dog area because of allergies. Disney won’t put you in that area. You don’t have to worry about it.

When you check in, you can verify it. You go to the front desk and say, “My wife is severely allergic to dogs.” No problem. You’re not going to be in a room where there are dogs. Disney is very sensitive to people with allergies, to people with special needs. That’s just not going to happen.


Dogs are not going to be everywhere. They’re still not allowed in the parks. They’re not allowed in the dining areas. The dogs at the Disney hotels are supposed to be in these designated small areas, so you probably won’t find it to be something you have to worry about.

You’re probably more likely to run into, well, like we did, a rabbit, a stray animal than you will be to run into a dog after this implements. It costs a lot of money. It’s $50 per night, or $75, depending on which hotel you’re at, so it’s not just bring them and it’s free. It’s expensive, so I don’t think you’re going to find that this is a big deal. It’s something new. I know change always makes us nervous.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Dad’s bottom line is, the dogs are going to be confined to a limited area, and so it’s not going to be general in all the rooms. You just make sure you say, “We’re allergic,” and you’ll be separated. It won’t be a factor.


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Comments for

Sep 03, 2019 Dogs at Yacht Club
by: Anonymous

My wife and I recently stayed at Yacht Club and requested a water view. The room and view were very nice however, the barking we were awoken to was not so nice. As to the reported policy of limited rare occasions of seeing pets as per Disney, I counted no fewer than 15-20 dogs.

Hallways, along the boardwalk, the lobby the grass outside our window, it was constant. Look, we have dogs and love them very much but I did not come to stay at a deluxe Disney resort at full price to stay with everyone’s pets. We were not made aware that we would be placed in the middle of the pound and I mean there were dogs in many rooms surrounding us.

I also don’t think that I should have to start asking to make sure that I’m not surrounded by barking dogs.
That will be the last of Yacht club for us. Consider Boardwalk for another option.

Jul 17, 2018 Thrilled
by: Liz H

When Disney announced the program I was thrilled and took advantage of it immediately. My stay in January of 2018 was completely problem free. My friend and I brought both our dogs and there were absolutely no issues. Well we did have one issue but thankfully our dogs had a better reaction than us.

On a day the parks were opening early a group with about 6 very excited children were running and yelling down the corridor at 6am. I was woken up but my dog slept right through it. We stayed at Port Orleans Riverside which was very close to all of our activities.

Again we had no negative experiences and any one we encountered during our multi daily walks actually were thrilled to see our pets. We are going again in August and can’t wait🙃. Believe me at 50.00 extra per night I left that room cleaner than when I arrived.

Jul 13, 2018 Dogs were always allowed, no restrictions which some forget
by: Anonymous

Some are not thinking that dogs for disabled & even the real & fake therapy dogs were always allowed in any room at any Disney hotel. Chances are if you are someone who stays often or even once a year you were in a room that had a dog in it at some point. If your allergies never acted up chances are they still won’t.

I know emotional support animals have gotten out of control and only a small percentage of people that classify their dogs as emotional support or therapy animals are really in need of the animal in a working capacity.some People have always taken advantage of opportunities to save money. You don’t pay at all for a working animal.

I my self can’t wait to take my well behaved dog on a Disney world vacation. I may leave him at the Disney Kennel a few hours so we can use their dog park one day. And I hope he can get a pic with Pluto like other dogs pix I have seen.

In closing I just want to remind you all of you have probably stayed in a room a dog has stayed in already. The new policy shouldn’t change much. I would think those that don’t follow rules will get kicked out. Just because you don’t see someone get in trouble for bad behavior doesn’t mean they never will.

Feb 27, 2018 can of worms
by: Anonymous

This is a terrible idea, point blank, and nothing but a money-grab by disney. the overwhelming comments i have seen on this are not in favor. disney can make all the policies they want- people aren’t going to adhere to them. dogs will be in places they aren’t supposed to be, like food courts and pools. people are so entitled they will totally ignore the rules. they won’t pick up after the dogs so poo will be everywhere. i like dogs, but that doesn’t mean i want to vacation with one and be anywhere near a room where a dog is going to be barking all night. and people already abuse the service animal guidelines by claiming everything under the sun is a “therapy” animal and get them into the parks. this will only make it worse. look at all the problems the airlines are currently having with fake service animals. the same thing will be happening at disney, mark my words. there will be messes, dog fights, and eventually a dog will attack a person. disney never, ever should have agreed to this.

Nov 18, 2017 Dogs at Disney
by: Anonymous

I recently spent a week at WDW and noticed a massive increase in dogs actually in the parks and at Disney Springs (places they are prohibited from except for service dogs). I would say maybe 2 or 3 of all the dogs I saw (about 30 over the course of the week) appeared to actually be genuine service dogs. One example was two yorkies in a basket on the front of a motorized scooter. It appears that people are taking advantage of the new dog friendly hotels and decided to take it a step further and getting their dogs into parks. It’s as simple as getting a letter from a doctor saying you need a dog for your anxiety. And then Disney grants your dog access to the parks. Unfortunately they’ve opened Pandora’s box with the new dog friendly hotels and now all these new therapy dogs will forever have access to parks.

Oct 28, 2017 animals
by: Anonymous

forget the dogs. Why do you have to bring them to Disney World? They just don’t belong and no they really are not part of your family,they’re dogs.

Oct 26, 2017 Plenty Bones to Pick with Dog Policy
by: Anonymous

Disney has handled this rollout very poorly. There are many guests who booked stays at one of these hotels months ago, before they became pet friendly. Many of them are finding it difficult to find other Disney accommodations with such short notice. I know because we were in that situation. Also the information is quite conflicting and confusing. I have been told that, at the Yacht Club Resort, pet friendly rooms will not be in any particular area but rather will be a particular room type (standard and garden/woods view). I was told that dogs could be anywhere in the resort where these room types are found. Not very reassuring for people with allergies, fears or simply no desire to listen to barking dogs while on vacation. Disney certainly could have handled this a lot better. It will be interesting to see how this impacts the vacation experiences of guest without dogs.

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