Doing a 4 day cruise and 7 days in the resort. Which should we do first

Doing a 4 day cruise and 7 days in the resort. Which should we do first

by sean

I am planning a big trip. We are taking a 4 day Disney Cruise and 7 days at Walt Disney World. Which should we do first? Plus I plan on making my own flight arrangements. What is the best way to get around then?

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What a great question, and I can answer this from first hand experience. Mrs. Mom and I actually did both in one trip. We went to Disney World for 4 days, went on a 3 night Disney Cruise, then went back to Disney World.

I can tell you without hesitation, go to Walt Disney World first, then go on the cruise. Trust me.

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Here's why. A Disney Cruise is pretty relaxing (as Disney Vacations go). It's a great way to recover from a week at Disney World. And yes, you will need recovery time after a week at Disney World.


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Even back when Disney had the "Cruise and Land Vacation" they recommended that you do the land portion first. Initially that's the only way you could book it, but they did change and let you go on the cruise first.

Another reason to do the cruise last is the food. You'll be very disappointed in the food at Disney World after the cruise food. It's pretty fabulous (and there is so much of it). On the other hand, if you do the cruise first, you might walk off a few pounds when you get to Disney World.

I hope you'll give my buddies over at Pixie and Pirate Destinations a call and let them help you with your vacation planning. They'll do a great job in coordinating everything.

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About flights. Dad has a little flight "wizard" that can help you find the cheapest flight to Orlando. You can also check out Dad's flights to Orlando page. It's full of tips and info that will help you with your flights.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Sean, thanks for the great question. It really doesn't matter if you take the cruise first or last, you'll have a great time.

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Jan 18, 2013
Cruise & Resort Vacation
by: John T

Since you have some flexibility, you should probably split the resort portion to get your best air fares.

If possible, like Dad said, the biggest portion of the resort stay should be first. Then go relax on your cruise, and come back for the rest of your resort stay.

If you're coming back to the same resort, you can ask them to store your non-essential luggage until your return. (You might be able to have them store your stuff even if you're going back to a different resort.) We ended up leaving a bunch of stuff that we would have had to leave in our car and it was a lot safer locked up at Caribbean Beach.

If you have to leave a car at the port, be advised that parking charges are $15/day at the port (most convenient), but there are some cheaper alternatives.

Taking the Cruise Line Shuttle is $70 round trip per person from the park to the port and back after the cruise. There are some cheaper transportation services, so check around.

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