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by Dad
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It’s happened again. It happens every year. It never fails. Every year there’s a couple of arrest of people in Orlando selling Disney World tickets. PLEASE!!!!!!!!! DON’T BUY YOUR DISNEY WORLD TICKETS ON CRAIGSLIST! Sorry to scream but this is very serious.

A couple of days ago a man was arrested for selling counterfeit Walt Disney World tickets on Craigslist (see the story here.) He would sell the tickets and meet the guests in the parking lot and collect the cash.

Of course the tickets would be rejected at the gate as counterfeit and new tickets would have to be purchased.

A Diseny World ticket reader with a green light

The light won’t turn green with a bad ticket – Photo by Cliff Wang

I’ve said it a bunch of times,


This is for your safety and wallet. It is NOT legal to sell partial tickets, used tickets, previously purchased tickets or even Cast Member tickets. Don’t buy them.

Don’t buy tickets on the internet (except from Disney or a Disney authorized agent). Don’t buy tickets on Craigslist (redundant I know). Don’t buy tickets out of the newspaper. It’s a SCAM! A SCAM! A SCAM!!!!

Only buy tickets directly from Disney or an authorized Disney Ticket reseller. There are only a few a authorized Disney Ticket Resellers. We think the best one is The Official Ticket Center.

Dad’s Official Ticket Center page

They are located right about a mile from Walt Disney World. They are the only authorized Disney Ticket reseller with a direct link to the Disney Ticket computer. Frankly, in my opinion, they are by far the BEST Disney Ticket reseller available.

Dad Recommends

Official Ticket Center logo


Dad’s Bottom Line

This happens multiple times every year. The really sad part is several families each year start off their vacations with some real heartache. It’s really sad. Don’t let that happen to you. Please only buy your Walt Disney World tickets from an authorized source.


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Comments for

Sep 05, 2019 Be smart NEW
by: Anonymous

Guy said I can pay him after we get in…DONT BE A STUPID TOURIST!!!

Oct 07, 2017 We were scammed just this week
by: Colorado Family

We are out $200 because we bought tickets off Craigslist. At the gate they scanned the tickets and they came up with other identities already attached to them. If we hadn’t been meeting other out-of-town family already inside the park we probably would have turned around and left. Bottom line: BUY YOUR TICKETS FROM A REPUTABLE SOURCE. Or if you are going to gamble with Craigslist tickets, video and photograph the person selling them to you, and video and photograph their vehicle and license plate. The guy who sold us the tickets smiled, made small talk, and then walked away with our cash. Low life scum.

Sep 23, 2017 Bought from Craigslist
by: Anonymous

I bought from there no problem! Do your homework! Pay through PayPal. The first time I paid for one person first and made seller go to gate. Person entered no problem. Paid for second person enter red no problem. At that point I paid for third and guy stayed while I entered.

Second time family had gravely ill child paid through PayPal no problems.

Dad Answers

I really think this is a bad idea. It might work occasionally, but there’s a good chance you will get caught and have to pay again for tickets. It’s not worth the risk.

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