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Don’t leave home without it

Dad always has a car at Disney World. There’s a reason for that, and no, it’s not because Dad is anti-social or because Dad is allergic to buses. It’s because Disney World transportation can be a little frustrating.

For example –

When we last saw Dad he was boarding a bus from Downtown Disney to Disney’s Boardwalk Villas. The bus from Downtown Disney to Disney’s Boardwalk Villas makes 5 stops. It stops at Typhoon Lagoon, The Swan, The Dolphin, Disney’s Beach Club Resort, and Disney’s Yacht Club Resort (I probably forgot one) before stopping finally at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas. That’s about a 45 minute trip for a 5 minute car ride.

Another example of why you need a car at Disney World –

When the evening was finished Dad took another bus from EPCOT to Downtown Disney to get his car. You can’t get directly from EPCOT to Downtown Disney, you have to take a bus to a resort and transfer to another bus to Downtown Disney.

Since Dad had always wanted to visit Old Key West, he choose the Old Key West bus. Wrong. Bad choice. It was about 20 minutes before an Old Key West bus showed up. (I saw at least 2 from every other hotel while I was waiting.)

Dad jumped off the bus at the first stop at Old Key West and waited for a Downtown Disney bus. The first sign of trouble appeared momentarily. A Downtown Disney bus drove by the bus stop and didn’t stop. It was going the wrong way (to stop). I found out later it had already stopped there before I arrived.

Forty, yes 40, minutes later a Downtown Disney bus showed up. It made 3 more stops in Old Key West before moving on to Downtown Disney.

All total it took almost 90 minutes to get from EPCOT to Downtown Disney. Dad was a little frazzled by the time he finally arrived back at the rental car.

Moral of the story – If you have a car at Disney World, use it.

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  1. Dad, I did have a similar difficulty in getting from Magic Kingdom to Downtown Disney. We took some unfortunate advice from a Cast Member and went to Fort Wilderness. However knowing what I now know about the layout of WDW if I had to go from a park to DTD I would get a bus to Pork Orleans and take a boat across to Downtown. You live, you learn.

  2. Dads idea of using Old Key West as the changeover point isn’t so bad, but mainly because at Old Key West, apart from looking around the resort, you can switch to the ultra reliable (unless there is a storm) boat service that goes from OKW to Pleasure Island, bang in the middle of DTD. It’s only a 2 minute walk from the first stop to the key, and boats reliably depart every 20 min for the relaxing and lovely 15 min journey…

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