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Dressing our daughter in a princess dress in August


by Jessica Smith
(Lynchburg, VA, USA)


We think it would be fun to dress our daughter up as a princess when we go to Magic Kingdom. However, we will be there at the end of August. Can you recommend any light weight options?



A little and a big Jasmine

This doesn’t look so uncomfortable Photo by Shirley Anne from the Facebook page

Dad’s perfect little princess Answer




Disney Princess dresses are all the rage at Walt Disney World. The big, fluffy ball gowns are the most popular option, but they’re also hot and heavy – I’ve seen more than one little girl struggle to get out of her hot dress right in the middle of the park! But don’t worry, there are plenty of pretty options to keep your little princess cool while she plays dress up at the most magical place on earth!


The dresses most often spotted on little girls running around the Magic Kingdom are the big, shiny, glamorous ball gowns worn by princesses at the end of their movies. Belle’s yellow ball gown, Aurora’s pink princess attire, Cinderella’s blue evening gown, Ariel’s white wedding gown, Tiana’s green flower get-up, Snow White’s signature dress, Rapunzel’s flowing purple frock, and even Merida’s dark teal garb. For some reason, their simple peasant attire isn’t popular for costumes.


In addition to being very expensive, these dresses are too hot to wear in the heat of August! I’ve occasionally seen little princesses dressed like Jasmine or in Ariel’s mermaid tail dress, which look a little more comfy, but as the Dad of a Princess, I know there are better options out there to beat the summer heat.


Disney make a variety of dresses that are essentially long t-shirts with a silk screen print of one of the princesses on the front, and a fluffy tutu skirt attached. That’s a perfectly pretty, much cooler option for your little princess. I’ve also seen girls running around in the Princess-inspired ruffled pajamas that are sold throughout the parks.


You could always opt for accessories only, and outfit your daughter in some combination of the readily available tiaras, wands, gloves, wings, purses, and shoes that Disney markets as the ultimate add-ons for any princess costume. Accessories are cooler and easier to take off if she gets tired of them.


If you’re still set on a full costume, it might be worth it to look outside the princess world. Minnie Mouse, Alice, and Tinkerbelle costumes are all readily available, and they’re much less bulky than the ballgowns!


Or you might treat your daughter to a stop at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where you can arrange for package that includes hairstyling, makeup, and some accessories but forgoes the fluffy princess gowns (although you can get those at the Boutique too).

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Dad’s Bottom Line


Jessica, there are plenty of costume options to treat your little girl like a princess for the day – I’m sure you’ll find something perfect for her to wear!


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