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Driving Around Walt Disney World

by Rachael Patton
(Pittsburgh, PA)

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“Hi Dad! I am a Disney fanatic but have only been once! How sad! Anyway, we are planning our trip for November 16 – 22 this year. I am coming with my sisters family so there will be two grumpy, traffic hating dads. We are staying off property and renting a car from Orlando airport.

I would just like to know which park is the easiest to drive to, as far as navigating in and out of the lot. For example, I don’t mind parking at EPCOT and hopping on the Monorail to get to Magic Kingdom if the traffic is less horrific and saves the whole family from the wrath of two frustrated dads that will surely ruin at least half of the day. Thank you in advance and thank you for all of the great advice and vacation planning tips! Have a great day.

Thank you,
Rachael Patton”

Piece of Cake


Driving around Walt Disney World is a piece of cake. It really isn’t a problem getting from park to park in a car. Disney has recently redone a lot of the roads on property and driving into the parks and from park to park, is a breeze. (Except Christmas week, but you aren’t going Christmas week.)

I was just there last week. I drove to every park. There wasn’t any traffic. I drive almost every trip and I haven’t been in a traffic jam in a while. It can get a little busy down around Disney Springs at rush hour times, but that doesn’t affect the parks.

Even the Magic Kingdom After the Fireworks

The biggest crowd you will encounter is the Magic Kingdom after the fireworks. By far. Once you get into your car, driving is not a problem. There’s no traffic. The problem is getting to the car.

I highly recommend you take Disney transportation if you are going to leave the Magic Kingdom after the fireworks. Just getting on a monorail or ferry can take an hour or more. That would make the calmest Dad grumpy (and it did).

Taking the bus would have probably saved me an hour waiting in line.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

While there might be a ton of traffic getting to Walt Disney World, once you get into the complex, traffic is not bad at all and getting better all the time.


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