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Dumbo or bust

Dumbo the Flying Elephant. It’s the greatest ride ever for a 4 year old. I remember riding it as a child at Disneyland, and I wanted The Man-Child and The Princess to have the same experience. But I hate standing in line, and riding Dumbo usually means standing in line. So how’s Dad going to ride Dumbo without standing in line?

Dad has a plan. Dad has shared his plan with the family. (Dad learned a valuable lesson.) Dad was not going to stand in line for Dumbo. 

Here’s Dad’s plan. It’s pretty convoluted so you might want to write it down. It works every time it’s tried. 

Here’s the sure fire way to ride Dumbo without a long wait.

  1. Arrive at the Magic Kingdom 40 minutes prior to the scheduled opening time of the park.
  2. Grab a stroller as soon as possible.
  3. Be the first family at the rope when it drops. (No you can’t stop at the Main Street Bakery.)
  4. Walk quickly around Cinderella Castle to the right. (Yes, the right. The line to Dumbo forms on the right side of the ride.)
  5. Go directly to Dumbo. It’s the round thing with the big grey elephants and the Mouse on the hot air balloon.
  6. Ride Dumbo.
This is a sure fire way to ride Dumbo with a wait of less than 10 minutes. 
Oops, this might not work if you come on early entry day and don’t do early entry (which Dad frowns on).

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