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Early breakfast in Disney Hollywood Studios

by Amanda

Okay, I keep saying I’m done bothering you, but I keep coming up with more questions!! I’m sorry –this should be it! 🙂

We are doing Hollywood Studios on a Thurs in early May. I am debating doing an early breakfast (8:00am) in Disney Hollywood Studios at Hollywood & Vine. I’m not set on doing a breakfast, but wondered if it’s better to do that or just get to the park in time for rope drop. If we do the breakfast, will the rides already have long lines by the time we get out…OR is it better since we’ll already be in the park? Thanks once again!!

Dad’s it will be close Answer


Love hearing from you again. If you go away, I’ll think you don’t care for me any more.

Now on to the idea of an early breakfast in Disney Hollywood Studios. This one scares me a bit. Disney Hollywood Studios opens at 9:00 on Thursdays in May. My concern is that you might not be finished with your breakfast by 9:00. Early May is still a kinda busy time and you might run into some crowds, especially on Thursdays (Fantasmic Day).

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Getting to Toy Story Mania Early is very important if you don’t want to stand in line all day. The other side is, if you get through before 9:00, you will be in prime position to be first in line for Toy Story Mania.

Dad’s Bottom Line

This is one of those that is too close to call. If you don’t have your heart set on eating at Hollywood and Vine then go ahead and enjoy the park. If you must eat there, then go ahead, eating an early breakfast in Disney Hollywood Studios is not a bad idea.

Comments for Early breakfast in Disney Hollywood Studios.

Feb 10, 2019

Breakfast at HS

by: Anonymous


I was wondering if you can walk around HS after a morning ADR or do you have to wait with the rope drop group?


Dad Answers

You will not be allowed into the park before rope drop time.

Jan 20, 2019

Jedi Training and Slinky Dog

by: Anonymous

Hello. Suggestions on signing up for Jedi Training and rope dropping Slinky Dog? Both need to happen at the same time. Would it work for half the family to go to sign up for Jedi training and the other get in line for Slinky Dog (5ise not wanting to participate in Jedi training) and hopefully we would be able to make it to Slinky Dog before they would get on?

Dad Answers

Since Toy Story Land opened, the need to get to Jedi Training Academy when the park opens has gone way down. I would go ride Slinky Dog Dash then head over to and sign up for Jedi Training Academy. There is no way to save places in line for Slinky Dog.

May 03, 2016

RE: 8:10 breakfast

by: Anonymous

First off thank you so much for the quick response, However I am still unclear on a few things. I was under the assumption my son and I could eat in 20-30 minutes, then exit the restaurant prior to park opening to sign up for Jedi training. I was unsure if I would be able to sign up prior to the park letting guests into the park. I was hopeful I would be able to sign up and still meet up with those guests waiting for rope drop to enter TSM (preferably toward the front).

If however I am not able to gain any advantage in regards to the early breakfast I would more than likely cancel. Being its only a half day for us I really wanted to do TSM at rope drop and my son really wants to do Jedi Training. We are going June 1st do you think a time slot for Jedi Training would be available for like 11 am if we signed up after going on TSM? This is why I considered the character breakfast if it could have alleviated this time conflict.

Dad’s Answer

The character breakfast is not a fast process. It’s a Table Service meal. You might get through in 45 minutes, but it will be more than 20 or 30. You will probably have to wait a few minutes to get seated. You will have to wait for a server, then get your food, then wait again to pay. It takes a while. I don’t think it will be an advantage and I think it might be a disadvantage.

As to time slots, it’s just how many people head to sign up. June 1 shouldn’t be all that busy. It should work. I would definitely go and sign up for the Jedi Training Academy first then hoof it over to TSM.

May 03, 2016

8:10 am breakfast reservation HS

by: Mike

I booked the reservation for my son and I so that I would be able to get in line early to sign him up for an early time for Jedi Training, as we are spending the first part of the day at HS then heading to AK later. Unfortunately I was unable to obtain a FP+ for TSMM.

I was wondering if I would be able to sign him up and still beat the rush to TSMM from all the rope drop guests? Do they let early entry breakfast guests sign up for Jedi Training before park opening or do they make you wait in until official park opening? The character breakfast isn’t really important to us unless we are able to benefit from being able to sign up for Jedi Training and making it to TSM before lines get long.

Dad Answers


Unfortunately, I don’t think this is a great plan if you are trying to beat everyone to the attractions. Typically a breakfast lasts just over an hour after you sit down. So you probably won’t be leaving the restaurant until at least 9:15.

You will not be able to do anything before 9:00. When you enter the park you will be directed to the restaurant. Nothing will be open. They won’t be signing up for Jedi Training Academy yet.

You might get lucky with the time and be one of the first to sign up for the Jedi Training Academy, but if anything gets backed up…

If the Character Breakfast isn’t important, I would suggest you cancel it and get to the park early so you can be one of the first in line.

May 17, 2015

Early breakfast in late August

by: Anonymous

Hi, following up on the previous question, would it be wise to book an 8am breakfast at Hollywood and Vine it would be to celebrate my kids birthday on August 23 and then book a fast pass for Toy story mania for around 9:30 or so.
How early should we be there for the reservation at 8am. It will be my kids 5th birthday and I wanted them to have a special meal that day. We chose Hollywood Studios on that day because we feel crowd wise it will be less than other parks and still fun for little ones. Do you think this is a good Idea or Skip the breakfast and try for a lunch.

Thanks for any input.

Dad’s Answer

I like the idea of an early breakfast if it’s before the park opens. If the park is open, you are losing valuable touring time while crowds are low. Even if it’s Extra Magic Hour time.

By lunch time the crowds are in the park so eating during lunch doesn’t put you behind the power curve, but if you are eating breakfast in the parks while they are open you are getting behind.

Hope that helps.

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Comments 2

  1. We have an ADR at Hollywood and Vine at 8:15, and the park opens at 9:00. We have no desire to eat that early or do the character breakfast. What if we go into the park for our reservation but don’t check into the restaurant? I know we will be charged $10 per person for the no show and I’m ok with that. My question is, will that put us at an advantage of being in the park before rope drop, or will they force us to do the breakfast?

    1. Post


      When you get into the park before opening time, you are shepherded to the restaurant. You don’t really get to wander around and you won’t be allowed to get into the park before rope drop. You might gain a few steps, but it’s not worth it.

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