Early Extra Magic Hours and the Park Opening Shows

by Larissa

Dad: I was wondering when we go to the parks for the early Extra Magic Hours, will we see the official park opening show? Will we have to go back to the entrance if we want to watch the opening shows?

Park Opening at the Magic Kingdom and Early Extra Magic Hours
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Dad’s early Answer


Walt Disney World does put on a couple of fun opening shows. The Characters coming on the train is a great way to open the Magic Kingdom and Epcot and Animal Kingdom do nice shows.

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About seeing the shows if you are already in the park for Early Extra Magic Hours, yes, you will have to go to where the shows are being performed (which is kinda hard in the Magic Kingdom since you actually have to leave the park) to see them. There aren’t any special showings for the early bird crowd.

This can be a bit problematic. If you end up on a ride that takes just a bit longer than you planned, you’ll miss the show. (They don’t last long.) It will also take away some of the advantage of Early Extra Magic Hours if you have to spend 20 minutes watching the show and then you are stuck in the middle of the daytime crowd.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Early Extra Magic Hours and the Park opening shows don’t really mix. You lose a lot of your advantage taking time out to go back to the front of the park, watch the shows and then mix back into the busiest park of the day. If watching the opening show at the park is a big deal for your family then plan that park on a day when it’s not Early Extra Magic Hours.

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