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Early Fastpasses


by Hounddog
(Yorktown, VA)


If we stay out late til 2:00am for Magic Kingdom’s Extra Magic Hours and the family can’t get going the next day until 12:00.Can I go early,take their passes and get a round of early FastPasses for all. Leave the park, give them their passes and FastPasses and we all return together at 12:00.

Dad’s Elvis Presley Answer


Houndog, pardon me while I sing a bit … (I can’t resist.)

You ain’t nothing but a hound dog,
crying all the time

(If you ever want to know what it sounds like when Dad sings, just turn on the jukebox, put on the Elvis and listen. Dad sings good.)


All right. FastPasses. . Sounds good. Take everyone’s tickets and get Fastpasses before they ever enter the parks … Oops, small problem.


Fastpass machines only recognize active park tickets, (or they are supposed to) so, if a ticket hasn’t been used for that day, the Fastpass Machine won’t cough up a FastPass.

Dad’s Fastpass page


Dad’s Bottom Line


Good idea Houndog, but sorry, it won’t work. Just get those lazy Houndogs up and get them in gear. Your on a Disney World vacation. No sleeping, you can rest when you get home. (Just kidding.)


Just make sure to plan an easier day and you’ll be fine.

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