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Early May 2019 Trip

by Lindsay

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“Hey Dad!! What’s your take on a Disney trip with one park visit per day on May 2, 3, & 4th 2019, doing MK, AK, & HS over the course of those days? My husband and I are like you, can’t they just close the park down for us???

Since we know that’s not reality, do you think those dates won’t drive us completely bonkers with horrific crowds. Our kids will be 12 & one will turn 9 while there. I’ve checked several crowd calendars and they all vary slightly in predictions. Some look great while others not as much.

This is really the best time for us to visit. What’s your take, and do you have any advice on which park is best to visit the 2nd, which one the 3rd, & which one best to visit on the 4th?

Thank you,

Oh for the Day

Main Street USA on a nice sunny spring day

Spring is beautiful on Main Street – Photo by Cliff Wang


Wouldn’t it be nice… oooh, I think there’s a song like that… I love that song. But I digress.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go back to the days of no crowds except for summers and the holidays (although I’m not sure those days really ever existed)? Oh, well. The reality is, crowds at WDW are a fact of life. It’s come down to trying to find times when the crowds are manageable versus crazy.

Early May is one of those times when crowds are pretty manageable and not crazy. I won’t say it’s not going to be crowded, but I do think the crowds will be in the moderate range.

Dad’s May Disney World Crowds page

There is a cheerleading championship that weekend that will have a small affect on crowds, but overall, early May is as good a time as any in the spring to visit.

Magic Kingdom First

As to which park to visit on what day, I’d start with the Magic Kingdom on Thursday. At that time of year, I try to avoid the Magic Kingdom on the weekends. If the weather is good the locals tend to come out for a weekend visit and the Magic Kingdom will be busy.

As to Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios, it doesn’t really matter which one you pick. Animal Kingdom has Extra Magic Hours on Saturday morning and if you can’t get a FastPass to Flight of Passage, I’d probably choose AK on Saturday.

I do suggest you get in touch with our partners at Destinations to Travel to help with your trip. One of the things that’s part of their service is itinerary planning. They’ll help you choose the best parks for each days and even help with FastPass and making all your reservations.

You’ll thank me.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line


I think you’ll find that the early May crowds won’t be bad at all. I think you’ll have a great trip.


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Feb 19, 2019 Call for Hotels
by: Lindsay

I looked for available hotels online as well, and it was saying not available. When I called, there was plenty available. So I suggest calling them.

Dad Add

You can also contact Destinations to Travel. They have access to all the rooms to be available.

Feb 08, 2019 Trip for the same dates
by: Justine

We are traveling to WDW April 27-May 4. I should say possibly traveling those dates now. Finding reservations on site for any Disney resorts from May 2-4 is nearly impossible right now. We booked a few months ago for Caribbean and I’ve recently decided that I’d rather just stay at Port Orleans Riverside instead- so I started looking and for my particular dates, there is almost nothing open.

If I switch the booking dates to end on May 2nd there are plenty of reservations available. However, the 2-4 offers almost no availability unless you want to pay $600+ per night and that’s just not an option for me. We have been strongly considering just cancelling the trip this year to avoid the crowds.

Dad Answers

It may not be as crowded as you think. Sometimes hotels being full doesn’t mean anything when it comes to crowds. There’s a cheerleader contest over those days which will fill up the Value (and Moderate) Resorts but doesn’t really affect the crowds in the parks.

If all the Disney hotels are totally full, it makes a moderate day in the parks. So it’s not always crowded when it’s hard to get hotel reservations. I expect early May to be really nice and calm, crowd wise.

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