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Early Morning Magic Fantasyland

by Rebecca

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“We are staying off property and have booked Early Morning Magic in MK for June 18. What are our options for getting to Magic Kingdom early? We will have a car, so I know we can drive in and park at the TTC, but will the express Monorail and/or ferry be running to get us to the park and through the turnstiles by 7:40? If we do a taxi or Uber (we would need more than one, we are a party of 8) are they allowed to drop off where a resort bus would?

Thanks for the help!”

What Fun

Hi Rebecca,

I hope you’re not underwater. I know there’s a lot of flooding in Arkansas.

You are going to love Early Morning Magic. It’s a great time to ride all the rides in Fantasyland without waiting at all.

Getting There is Simple

As to transportation to the Magic Kingdom. Driving or taking the hotel shuttle will end up being the same. The hotel shuttle will drop you off at the Transportation and Ticket Center. From there it is Simple.

Yes, Disney Transportation will be running that early. The monorail might not be running, it might, but the ferry will for sure. Transportation starts running at least an hour before the parks first opening time.

As to driving or shuttle from your hotel, I’d probably drive. Hotel shuttles don’t run continuously like Disney buses do. They usually only run a few times per hour. Driving will probably be faster.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Rebecca, you won’t have any problems getting to Early Morning Magic. Drive your car, hop on the ferry or monorail and experience a little Magic.


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