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Early Morning Transportation Issue

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“We have booked the Ultimate Thrills VIP tour and need to be at check in at the Plaza in Magic Kingdom by 8am. We will be staying at All-Star Movies first week of April when the park doesn’t open until 9am. It’s looking like we won’t be able to make our report time and they won’t let you in late. If you miss the report time you lose your money ($700.00). We’ve driven a car before to Magic Kingdom where you park and have to board the ferry or take monorail to get to the Kingdom. They wouldn’t allow me on the ferry because I’m in a wheelchair. The monorail is posted as starting at 45 minutes before park opening which is after our report time for the tour. The shuttle buses start running 45 minutes before park opening also after our report time. If we can get a Minnie Van that early in the morning (7:15) are they allowed to drop you off where the shuttles drop off or would they drop us off at the Ticket and Transportation Center just like if you drove your own car or take a taxi? It’s impossible to get to the Magic Kingdom before 8am if you end up at the TTC. By our past experience and what’s posted on the Disney World website about transportation.”

Hope You’re A Morning Person!

Main Street in the morning

Main Street U.S.A. is empty in the early morning – Photo by Judd Helms

That’s a pretty early start for a VIP tour – hopefully you’re a morning person just like Dad! The short answer is you have a lot of options for getting to Magic Kingdom early, as in the past year or so Disney has adjusted their policies for letting guests enter the park before the official opening time. So let that put your mind at ease, and let’s look at your options.

First of all, your Minnie Vans suggestion is a great one. Minnie Vans can take you right up to where the resort buses drop off in the loop outside the gates of Magic Kingdom – no ferry or monorail necessary. The one possible issue with that is you mention you are in a wheelchair. While there are a few accessible Minnie Vans, not all can accomodate wheelchairs and ECVs so you might be in for a bit of a wait – I’d try to reserve one extra early if you plan to use the service.

The resort buses are another option. Magic Kingdom now opens to guests 1 hour before park opening. You can shop and dine on Main Street, or line up early at the ropes leading to each land. That means that if the park opens at 9, the buses will start running to Magic Kingdom an hour or so BEFORE the 8am “pre-opening”. So if you’re on the first one, you’ll have no trouble. When you arrive, look for a special entrance gate for guests with early ADRs or tours (or ask a Cast Member for help).

Quick story: This November, I was at WDW having breakfast at the Pop Century with my number one assistant, Stephanie. She was off to do a Nine-By-Noon challenge for Dad’s Instagram channel. We finished our waffles just after 7am, and she hopped the bus to Magic Kingdom, arriving well before 8am – she was first in line to enter! Then at 8, she was let into the park and got her coffee, took pics, and even saw the Main Street Trolley show. So Dad knows for sure that the early buses can get you there in time!

Something you can do is to talk to your front desk the day before and let them know about your tour. There is sometimes an early bus for guests with reservations and they will be able to let you know about that. They might even be able to help arrange the right Minnie Van for your party and timing if that’s the way you want to go.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Disney knows guests have limited transportation options for their early morning tours, but that’s okay – there are always options like early buses and Minnie Vans to ensure you can make it in time. Enjoy your VIP tour! And don’t forget to tell Dad all about it on Facebook!


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