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Eating at poolside restaurant at WDW

by Lucy Petti
(New York)

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“Can I eat at a poolside restaurant if I am not staying at that resort? ie Hurricane Hanna’s, I have read reviews the food is excellent and would love to try but my family usually stays at the Value/Moderate resorts. Thank you Lucy.”

Not a problem

People playing in Stormalong Bay

You can only play in Stormalong Bay if you are staying at the Beach or Yacht Club – Photo by Laurie Sapp


I know it’s a little confusing, but while all the resort pools have been fenced and you must be staying at the resort to enter the pool restaurants/bars are all outside of the fencing.

Let’s take Hurricane Hanna’s for example. It’s a restaurant/bar at Stormalong Bay, which is at pool area for the Beach Club and Yacht Club resorts. Guests at the Beach and Yacht Club can enter Stormalong Bay, but no one else can.

Hurricane Hanna’s is actually a little ways (20 yards or so) away from the pool area and is not inside of the fence. You do not have to go inside the fence to get to Hurricane Hanna’s.

That’s true of all of the pool are restaurants and bars. They are all located outside of the pool fences.

So, you will be able to visit Hurricane Hanna’s or any of the other poolside restaurants even if you are staying at a different resort or even offsite.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Lucy, while the pools have a fence around them it’s just the pools. You can still grab a bite or a drink at all the poolside restaurants and bars at WDW.


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