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EMH for Toy Story Land opening or just skip Hollywood Studios?

by Sarah
(Concord, NH)

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“I will be arriving the day before the opening of Toy Story Land. I am stuck on which parks to do each day. Should we attempt to go to Hollywood Studios or do you think it will be extremely crowded like it was for the opening of Pandora last year. Here’s the bottom line… do you think it’s worth it to get to Hollywood Studios by 7 am for Extra Magic Hours and try to experience it for 1 day or just completely avoid the park?”

The model from Toy Story Land

This area is going to be slammed – Photo by Rich Ramos

Sarah, that’s a really good question. Hollywood Studios, the opening of Toy Story Land, is gonna be huge.

Since you’re arriving the day it opens, it is going to be very, very busy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios during that time. The good news is that most people will be at Toy Story Land.

Dad’s Disney’s Hollywood Studios page

We saw this with the opening of Pandora. Pandora was slammed. Four hours to get into the land. Crazy long lines for the rides. The rest of the park wasn’t terrible busy because everybody’s over in Pandora, especially right at first.

If you’re not trying to do the two rides there in Toy Story Land you might be able to see most of the park those first few days, especially if you start early in the morning.

Now that they’ve announced Extra Magic Hours every morning, I think you get most everything done probably by 10:00 and then you go to another park. That’s what I would suggest. I agree with you. Go for the Extra Magic Hours, do a few things, and then leave.

Dad’s Extra Magic Hours page

I would not plan a whole day in Disney’s Hollywood Studios that first week. It’s going to be nuts.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is I think sneaking in early is probably a good idea. Do the rides you want and then pop out and go to somewhere else.

The other parks won’t be quite as busy because everybody’s gonna be focused on Hollywood Studios and the opening of Toy Story Land.


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