Enchanted Tales with Belle

One of the best new attractions in the New Fantasyland is Enchanted Tales with Belle. This is a whole new kind of interactive attraction for Disney.


Enchanted Tales with Belle is located in the Enchanted Forest part of the New Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom. The Beast’s Castle is located right behind Cinderella’s castle. At the foot of the Castle is Belle’s village and outside of the village is Maurice’s cottage.

Waiting Area

The waiting area is actually several different room in Maurice’s Cottage. Each one is just different and tells stories of Belle’s childhood. The first room is the living area of the cottage. Make sure to look closely in the cottage. You will see lots of mementos from Belle’s childhood.  Her favorite books line the walls and marks on the wall showing how Belle grew.

After walking through the cottage, you will be escorted into the workshop. You will get a peek at al the gadgets Maurice has been working on over the years. After looking at these you will be instructed to look deep into the mirror.

While you focus on the mirror, you will see the mirror begin to sparkle as the room gets dimmer and dimmer. Then the mirror becomes a door and you are instructed to walk through it.

The Attraction

As you enter the room Madame Wardrobe is there to greet you. Madame Wardrobe explains to you that Belle has made a special birthday request and she is hoping for your help. Then, several people are chosen to help retell the story of Beauty and the Beast. After the play is cast you are escorted into the library. Lumiere is there to direct traffic and help everyone find a place to sit.

After everyone finds a place to sit, the lights are dimmed and it is time for the show. Everyone is encouraged to participate during the show, from howling with the wind to making the sounds of galloping horses. After the show concludes, Belle takes pictures with the participants of the show and gives the cast special bookmarks, thanking them for their service.

Dad’s Ride Information Table

Enchanted Tales with Belle

Description: Interactive story time and meet and greet
Height Requirement – none FASTPASS:Yes Length of Ride: around 10 minutes
Type of ride: Interactive Meet and Greet

Dad’s Ratings

1 4 3 4 3


Maurice’s cottage was part of the Fantasyland expansion and overhaul. This new design doubled the amount of area in Fantasyland from 10 acres to 21 acres. Enchanted Tales with Belle took 5 years to make from sketch to opening day. The official opening day was December 6, 2012, but dress rehearsals started in September 2012. These dress rehearsals were part of the preview of the new Fantasyland.

Fun Facts

Encourage your kid’s to be part of the show, this is the only way the will get a picture with Belle at this location.

  • Belle does not sign autographs here.
  • As you leave a photographer will hand a special PhotoPass that makes a great keepsake.
  • 12.000 books are in the library at this attraction.