Entertainment in the Epcot Pavilions

by Peggy
(Nova Scotia Canada)

58 years old and 1st trip Dec. 2010 and 2nd one Nov. 2011. Never to old for fun. Epcot is my husband and my favorite spot BUT after coming back from our first trip I realize we missed a lot like the entertainment in the Epcot Pavilions. At World Showcase unless there was a ride involved we did not think to go in …we just strolled around outside to admire all the pavilions.

For instance Mo’Rockin is something we would love to see as well as All the entertainment there. Do you have to dine at the events that are held inside/???…we only have quick service. All suggestions for World Showcase would be greatly appreciated.

Mo’Rockin is some great entertainment in an Epcot Pavilion

Mo'Rockin entertaining in the Epcot Morocco Pavilion
Photo by yourFAVORITEmartian

Dad’s be calm, it’s only a vacation Answer


The Gardens in the France Pavilion in Epcot
Photo by Samantha Decker

Wow. What a great point. I’m guilty of the same thing. We have stopped in all the countries in Epcot at least once, but we miss things all the time. Why? Because Dad’s always has THE PLAN. It’s usually perfect, but it doesn’t allow any extra time for all the little things that make Disney so special.

That’s why when Dad wrote, this week, about our daughters wedding and how this is Keep Calm Week I was really writing to myself. Lately, every trip, we’ve found one of the little shows, like Jammitors that set Disney parks apart from all the other theme parks.

The best part of this entertainment in the Epcot pavilions, and all over the parks, is it’s free and available. You can see Mo’Rockin without reservation. It’s performed outside in the courtyard of the Morocco pavilion. The only real entertainment that’s inside an Epcot restaurant is the band inside the Biergarten.

A lot of Epcot gets overlooked. England, Japan and China and most of the other Epcot pavilions have some wonderful gardens areas that are beautiful, serene and calming. (Notice a trend here?)


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There is always some good music around. Whether it’s the German band in the Biergarten or Mo’Rockin or even the new band in the United Kingdom, oh, yeah and don’t forget those drummers in Japan. Epcot is full of good music. Some of our favorite memories of Epcot are watching concerts in the American Gardens Pavilion going all the way back to Toni Tennille. Epcot always has good music.

The Bazaar in Morocco

The Bazaar in Morocco is more than just entertainment in an Epcot pavilion. It's a cultural exchange.
Photo by Jeff_B.

You don’t want to miss the shopping either. Now, I’m not a big shopper. In fact, I don’t like to shop, but in Epcot, every pavilion (except America) has shopping you won’t see in your local mall. It’s not so much shopping in Epcot as it is a cultural experience. You get a glimpse into the soul of the country through what they sell.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Peggy, most of us live our lives at 100 miles per hour and we vacation at Walt Disney World even faster. I’m guilty and I know thousands every day are too. Remember, Keep Calm, it’s only a vacation. Slow down, check out the and the beautiful things that make Disney World so special.

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