Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. EPCOT. This vision of Walt Disney’s went on to reinvent the concept of a “theme park” and continues to carry out his indelible legacy as EPCOT undergoes its massive transformation.

EPCOT is divided into two areas: Future World and World Showcase. From the thrill of Test Track to the flavors of Via Napoli, this park is packed with countless experiences that can easily become the highlight of your WDW vacation.

With just the right balance of Disney nostalgia, world culture, and futuristic adventures, there are so many different ways to experience EPCOT that can satisfy all members of your family.  While some might enjoy slow, food-filled strolls through the World Showcase and others might aim to ride all of the park’s most immersive attractions, EPCOT is home to an atmosphere you simply can’t find anywhere else.

Future World

“Like a grand and miraculous spaceship,” Future World soars ahead in time to a haven of technology, sights, and sounds from tomorrow.

As you step into the future, you’re surrounded by cutting-edge architecture, top-notch attractions and, currently, inspiring construction walls around the next generation of revolutionary attractions and experiences in development.

As you browse all Future World experiences below, please note that 🐭 indicates Danny’s top choices.

Future World Attractions

Future World attractions are some of the best in all of WDW. Some include classic EPCOT “edutainment” values and others provide unique, immersive thrills.

Future World Dining

While EPCOT’s most notable and popular dining options are found in World Showcase, Future World is home to a few key restaurants (and snacks!) of its own.

Future World Shopping

While EPCOT’s most notable and popular dining options are found in World Showcase, Future World is home to a few key restaurants (and snacks!) of its own.

  • Mouse Gear 🐭
  • Gateway Gifts
  • ImageWorks
  • Mission: SPACE Cargo Bay
  • Pin Traders – Camera Center 🐭
  • SeaBase Gift Shop
  • Test Track SIMporium

World Showcase

11 countries are represented in individual pavilions throughout World Showcase. Here, you’re invited to become fully immersed in each culture represented in the World Showcase pavilions through their dining options, entertainment, shopping, international Cast Members, area music, and authentic theming.

EPCOT’s World Showcase is what makes this park so unique—and unlike any other destination in the world. Where else can you drink and eat around the world (in 11 countries) in just one day?

As you browse all World Showcase experiences below, please note that 🐭 indicates Danny’s top choices.

World Showcase Pavilions and Attractions

World Showcase Dining

History of EPCOT

Walt Disney had a grand idea for EPCOT. He proposed an Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow. This would be the center and heart of the new “Disney World.” It was imagined to be a place where new technology would always be utilized to bring the most cutting-edge experiences of tomorrow. Simply put, in Walt’s own words, EPCOT would be “a showcase to the world for the ingenuity and imagination of American free enterprise.”

Sadly, Walt didn’t get to see EPCOT come to life as it opened on October 1, 1982—about 16 years after Walt’s passing. For years, Walt Disney Imagineering struggled to finalize their plans for the EPCOT project. The team had 2 models for EPCOT: one of a theme park with educational attractions, and one of a grand ‘world of nations.’ Finally, they combined the two models, which would become Future World and World Showcase, respectively. Just like that, the EPCOT we know and love was born.

On top of the history behind EPCOT (and all other WDW projects), there are countless little-known secrets that we’ve learned and acquired over time. If you love behind the scenes knowledge, trivia, and all kinds of fun facts, visit our WDW secrets page!


EPCOT is the second busiest theme park in the world, so it’s natural that it can get pretty crowded.

But, have no fear—I’m here to help you navigate through the Disney World Crowds on your visit! EPCOT can sometimes feel like the most crowded park, but with a few simple tips, you can be in the best position possible to avoid those super crowded days. If you’d like to wait less than 30 minutes for food from a Festival booth, and less than 60 minutes for Test Track, you’ll definitely want to visit our EPCOT crowds page.


Far more than any other park, EPCOT frequently hosts special events. Nowadays, since the annual EPCOT festivals continue to run for longer periods of time, it’s almost hard to visit EPCOT when there isn’t a festival happening!

Here’s the list of all annual festivals at EPCOT:

(The Festival of the Arts is my personal favorite!)

These festivals are packed with special food and drink offerings, exclusive merchandise, live entertainment, and so much more. Be sure to pick up a Festival Passport and Times Guide when you enter the park so you can see exactly what you’d like to experience and when you might be able to experience it.