EPCOT Germany Pavilion


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The EPCOT Germany Pavilion is full of hand crafted goodies. The only thing German missing from this area is a Mercedes.



There are no rides here. Only shops and a restaurant. (Restaurant might be the wrong word. It’s more like a big party where they serve lots of food.)


Bell ringers from the clock

Ringing the bell at EPCOT GermanyPhoto by mrkathika

The Entertainment

Disney characters from Snow White make frequent appearances around the pavilion. The Clock Tower is a replica of the Glockenspiel from Munich. Every hour the clock strikes the hour and a little boy and girl come out and perform.

The Food

Come celebrate Octoberfest year round in the Biergarten. Sample traditional German foods like Spaetzle, Sauerbraten, Wiener Schnitzel at a large buffet.

Biergarten in EPCOT Germany

The Train Set

Between the Germany Pavilion and the Italy Pavilion is a small almost unforgotten area where Disney has set up a big minature train set. If you like trains at all check this beauty out.


The Train between Germany and Italy

The train outside EPCOT's GermanyPhoto by ckramer


This Pavilion opened with EPCOT in 1982. There was a boat ride slated for this area. It was going to simulate a ride down the Rhine river, but it was pulled because it was too similar to the rides in Norway and Mexico. The building to house the ride is still there, but it’s now used for storage.


Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

If you want to shop for high quality items, this is the place. Craftsmanship is on display throughout the pavilion. The Biergarten is a good place for a noisy meal.


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