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EPCOT sounds like summer concert series 2017


by Jennifer Detweiler
(Durham NC )


***UPDATE: Disney has not renewed the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series this year. No announcement was made it was quietly canceled.



From Jennifer in Durham, North Carolina. I’ve heard that the EPCOT Sounds Like Summer Concert Series has been discontinued. Is this true? Are they coming up with something new to fill the American Gardens Theater in the summer months?”


The sign outside the American Gardens Theater announcing Sounds Like Summer

Here’s your sign – Photo by Laurie Sapp


Jennifer, I don’t know where you heard that. I haven’t heard that. I would be shocked if that happened.


The Sounds Like Summer Concert Series, one of the most popular things Disney does in the summer. Last year, just to let you know, last year the Sounds Like Summer Series was not announced. There was nothing about it on Disney’s website. No news, no nothing until around April 1st.


Dad’s Sounds Like Summer page


Somewhere around that time, I think it was the end of March, one of the Disney websites posted that a certain group had on their page that they were doing a concert at the American Gardens Theater and had the dates.


Guess what happened the next day? Disney announced the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series.


The American Gardens Theater right before the Sounds Like Summer show starts

It’s about to start – Photo by Laurie Sapp


I wouldn’t worry about it too much at this point. If we haven’t heard anything by mid-April, yeah, there’s probably something going on. Just give it a little while.


We haven’t heard that it’s being discontinued. If you’ve heard that, if you’ve got a source for that, send me a message on my Contact Dad page and let me know.


Dad’s Contact Dad page


I don’t see that. I went looking this morning. Most of the Disney websites that have information like that are projecting, had their pages already up for the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series for 2017 and To Be Announced type things. I certainly haven’t heard anything along those lines.


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Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line, no, I haven’t heard that. I don’t expect that.


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the fire pit at 'Ohana



Comments for

Aug 01, 2017 Summer Music Series
by: Bill of Oviedo Disney seems to be hell-bent on ruining EPCOT. That park is the only reason we have been buying annual passes. First they dropped some of the unique aspects such as roving music groups, then HS bands and others marching around the lake, then Off Kilter, one of the very big favorites, and now the summer music series. If it wasn’t for the Food & Wine festival, I would never attend again. Management better wake up and realize what they have been doing and start showing some ability to listen to their customers. Right now, the AP isn’t worth the money.

Jun 24, 2017 Disappointed
by: Terri So disappointed! We have been attending the summer concert series for the past eleven years. We so looked forward to seeing our favorites every year. Two weeks ago we headed to the American Gardens only to find an empty stadium! I hope that Disney realizes that this was a huge mistake and brings the series back next year! Staying Alive, DSB, and all the bands, please come back if they call!!!!😘

Jun 18, 2017 Summer concert canceled and no notice!
by: Anonymous So so irritated. Scheduled our visit to EPCOT to coincide with the Eagles cover band. Found out it was canceled. Also told to go to Guest Relations. I have been an annual pass holder for 8 years and really can’t believe no mention was made it had been canceled. Disney Interactive will be closed for good 7-2 which means I have one less perk available to me to use with my pass but yet no decrease in my annual memberships costs. Will not be renewing.

Jun 16, 2017 Still listed on website but cast member confirmed
by: Mike It is still listed on the WDW Official website. member confirmed it is not happening and to go to guest relations to let the know.Very, very disappointed …

Jun 12, 2017 Sounds of Summer cancelled
by: Beverly We went out Saturday evening for the Boston concert and found that it was not taking place. We had the schedule from our Passholder magazine so we were sure that this had to be a mistake. Now we find that it has been cancelled. Many writers have indicated the prices continue to climb, but yet Disney cuts a whole concert series and continues to close other shows. NOT A GOOD BUSINESS PRACTICE! Maybe they no longer want loyal visitors, but people from other parts of the world that may only visit one time and wouldn’t know that shows have been cancelled. Might have to re-think our renewal in December. We have always enjoyed the concerts very much and this is a real blow to us for our summer entertainment.

Jun 07, 2017 Harry Potter Here I Come
by: Katie-Joy I am not renewing AP. I’m going to give Universal a try this next year. The cancellation of Sounds Like Summer (my favorite event at WDW) sealed the deal for me. I don’t feel listened to or valued as an AP. Also, the way they cancelled (just ghosted the series) shows a lack of caring for customers.

Jun 05, 2017 disappointed and mad
by: Anonymous will reconsider annual passes now, main reason was the summer concerts, so sad Disney doesn’t listen to their loyal customers

Jun 05, 2017 summer concert series 2017
by: Anonymous Joan after 9 years of premium annual passes, I will be considering not renewing, the one reason for being loyal was the concerts, ESPECIALLY the summer one. I am mad and disappointed

May 28, 2017 sounds like summer
by: Anonymous i chatted with a disney rep, they are moving the sounds of summer concert series to coincide with the foods festival in the fall time.

Dad Comments

Mmmm, that Disney rep was not fully informed. They already have the Eat to the Beat Concert Series in conjunction with the Food and Wine Festival and it’s been going on for years.

May 27, 2017 Cancelled to pay Oprah
by: Anonymous Just spoke with employee at garden rocks theatre about sounds like summer concert series. Cancelled so Oprah can perform at Christmas. Yuck. A whole summer of good music and fun gone for one or two nights of oprah.

May 27, 2017 Very Sad No Sounds Like Summer
by: Anonymous The Sounds Like Summer Series is the only reason I renew my annual pass for the summer. I will opt for Silver instead of Gold pass next time around, or I may even go with a Universal pass for next year. Disney has increased the price of the AP a lot and has offered little in return. These concerts were a summer tradition for me and my family. We are extremely disappointed in Disney’s tone deafness in relation to this series.Last summer, every show I attended was full. I spoke to many other FL annual passholders who also come to EPCOT in the summer only for these concerts. Also, no one just goes to the concerts; people drink beer/other bevvys and have dinner in the park. My wish is that EPCOT attendance plummets this summer and they reinstate this series for next summer and beyond. Also, a few weeks ago, I saw British Rev and the courtyard was packed. Why would they cancel a successful band? They already super goofed with Off Kilter. The lumberjacks were a disaster and none of the new Canada bands have been as good. EPCOT doesn’t seem to be listening or valuing its annual passholders. Sad. And disappointing.

May 21, 2017 greed strikes again
by: Anonymous Keep raising prices cut back on amenities.Going to get a season pass to sea world

May 18, 2017 Sounds like Summer
by: chris from Ohio My wife and I are extremely disappointed in the cancellation of the Sounds Like Summer concert series. These groups brought a unique aspect to EPCOT over the summer months and exposed younger generations to some of the great music from past generations.Our boys grew up going to Disney and became acquainted with this great music, to the point of wanting to listen to it at home as well. We (our family) will miss these relaxing, away from the usual park routine, nights at EPCOT. Avatar, Star Wars, Toy Story are all cool ideas, but we hope these were not created at the expense of something as minute as paying tribute bands to come and perform for the many guests who enjoyed and looked forward to this aspect of their WDW vacation.The $$$ saved is merely a drop in the bucket for the Disney Co.. First Off Kilter now the great cover bands of EPCOT summer nights. Let’s hope they reconsider this decision for the summers that still lie ahead, and the nights we (their guests) spend at EPCOT.

May 14, 2017 Fed up
by: Anonymous I won’t be renewing my annual pass

May 13, 2017 Sounds of summer concert
by: Anonymous It is all about the big shots filling pocket with money. In the last 16 years Disney parks have gone down the tubes. All about CEO money.. been going every year since park opened. What a disaster.

May 10, 2017 SLS 2017
by: Anonymous How absolutely disappointing that Sounds Like Summer has been discontinued! It was my ONLY reason to return to EPCOT every year! I’m still trying to get over the fact that the Magic Kingdom Light Parade had ended several months ago… 🙁

May 09, 2017 Sounds of Summer
by: Chris Hi All,
It’s Chris Mullin from Stayin’ Alive Canada – A Tribute to the Bee Gees. We have played there for 11 years in a row. Just to clarify things… the Sounds of Summer has been discontinued. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us over the last 11 years. It was a great run and we are sad to see such a successful run come to an end.

Apr 22, 2017 SLS 2017
by: Tracy This was one of the only reasons I continued to go back to Disney/EPCOT every year or so. The tribute bands of my favorite musical groups, U2 and then Fleetwood, made it a worthwhile trip. Unfortunately, it looks like I won’t need to be going back anymore. It was a huge added perk.

Apr 21, 2017 Sounds Like Summer Concerts
by: Anonymous Extremely disappointed that it looks like the Sounds Like Summer Concert Series is being discontinued. Really don’t understand the rational for this. It was usually very well attended and was one of the few reasons my wife and I would go to EPCOT (and DW in general) during the sweltering summer months. We would usually go in the late afternoon, get an early dinner and see the bands. Probably will be going a lot less this summer.

Mar 27, 2017 Cancelled
by: Anonymous I have heard from a cast member it’s been cancelled, also British Revolution may also be cancelled

Mar 11, 2017 Looks cancelled.
by: CJ Brandesky One of the performers from years past is confirming that Sounds Like Summer has been canceled.Staying Alive Canada’s post

Mar 06, 2017 Sounds like Summer 2017
by: Anonymous Thanks Melissa! Sounds like Summer always starts in June & ends at the end of July. We are curious to know what’s going to fill that time period. Several of the Tribute Bands that are regulars at this event every year haven’t been contacted or have been told that it’s being discontinued.

Mar 05, 2017 concert 2017
by: Melissa We were just there tonight for the Styxx concert. They had it up on stage that the concerts were going to be in Aug2017. They did not show who but it did show they would be hosting this concert series. If this helps.. !

Feb 02, 2017 Sounds Like Summer
by: Anonymous I saw on the Stayin Alive Facebook page that Disney has cancelled the Sounds Like Summer concert series. They are 1 of the tops draws for the series and have been performing for at least 10 or 11 summers.

Jan 23, 2017 Sounds Like Summer
by: Gina Hey,I have personally asked Mike DelGuidice of Big Shot. His answer was that he has heard the rumor of it being discontinued.I hope not. It is one of the best series that Disney does.Please let us know if it is true.Thanks, Gina

Jan 17, 2017 by: Carl Jennifer contacted me with some evidence that the Sounds Like Summer may indeed be canceled. MMmmm. Interesting. We’ll see.

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