EPCOT United Kingdom

The EPCOT United Kingdom Pavilion is the bump in the road between the Le Cellier (Canada) and the Chef’s de France. Oh yeah, there are some good looking buildings here and even some pretty good food.

EPCOT U.K. Pavilion

There aren’t any rides, shows, or movies here. But there is a hedge. OK, it’s more than a hedge. It’s a maze made with a hedge. Oh, yeah, there are a couple of places to grab a pint and rest your weary feet while you enjoy your drink.

The buildings here are a hodgepodge of architectural styles from different periods ranging from 1500 to 1800 AD. Yes, that’s like 500 years ago. No the buildings aren’t 500 years old, they’re just supposed to look like buildings that were built 500 years ago, and yes, there are still buildings that are 500 years old in the United KIngdom.

For Children

For years EPCOT had a problem appealing to younger children. Let’s face it, for most kids EPCOT was boring. A few years ago, all that started changing when Disney introduced the Kidcot stations where children can create a cute craft to take home with them.

Last year, the Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure was introduced. It’s been replaced with a hiper Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure. Chase bad guys around the park. What kid (of any age) doesn’t want to do that?

The Gardens

It’s fascinating that the big draw here is the gardens. Somehow I just don’t associate England with gardens. There are 2 main areas. The first is the Butterfly and Herb Knot garden where you can see up to 35 different kinds of butterflies. The other is the hedge maze. It’s not a difficult maze to navigate, and it doesn’t take long, but it’s a unique way to kill a few minutes.

The Entertainment

Some of the best rock groups ever have come from England. Dad sings their songs all the time. These great groups are celebrated by “The British Revolution”. A rock group that plays selections of the best music of all time.

Also, Quickstep a roving band of street performers puts on several shows per day. Check your guide map or app for the latest times.

The Food

Food, and drink, are the draws here. Rose and Crown Pub is a traditional, or at least a Disneyfied traditional, English pub. Not only can you find all kinds of drinks, they serve some very good English food like Sunday Roast with Yorkshire Pudding and Bangers and Mash. If you want something quick and good, check out Yorkshire County Fish Shop. This unobtrusive little joint features great fish and chips.

The History

The pavilion opened in 1982 along with the rest of EPCOT. This area drips with hundreds of years of history. You can see our roots. The building styles represented are Victorian, London, Yorkshire Manor, Tudor, Georgian, Hyde Park, Regency and there’s even a Shakespearean cottage. Over 500 years of construction history are on display.