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ESPN the Weekend

ESPN the Weekend has been cancelled. 2011 was the last year for the event. You can see information from the 2011 proceedings below.



ESPN the Weekend, not ESPN the Magazine or ESPN the TV network, but it's a weekend at Walt Disney World for the folks from ESPN. Every year, in late February or early March, ESPN TV and Radio come to the Walt Disney World Resort. Now you might be wondering why would the sports network want to spend a weekend at Walt Disney World? (Wow, that's a silly question.) The point is the Disney Company is the parent company of ESPN, Disney has the kids over for the weekend.

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The Weekend

The Weekend usually starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday. This allows some of ESPN's daily TV and Radio shows to take center stage. The TV portion of this Disney World event is located at Disney Hollywood Studios. The TV stage is set up at the Scorcers Hat and guests can mingle with guests and hosts between air time. The Radio portion is located at Disney's Wide World of Sports.

ESPN the Weekend will be held on March 3-6, 2011.

The Shows

Several of the Radio and TV shows pack up and come to Orlando for The Weekend. Here are some of the shows scheduled to appear in 2011 -

  • Mike and Mike in the Morning
  • Baseball Tonight
  • NFL Live
  • ESPN First Take

The Athletes

Athletes love Disney World. They tell us so all the time. "Hey, Mr. Stud Football Player, you just won the Super Bowl, what are you going to do now?" "I'm going to Disney World." You hear it all the time. So do the Stud Football players really show up. Yes they do. Football players are about the only active athletes there. Golfers are golfing, Basketball players are in the middle of basketball season, Baseball players are starting Spring Training (however since the Atlanta Braves train at Disney World some baseball players actually will be available for interviews), and Hockey players are doing whatever Hockey players do. There will also be some retired players from other sports.


Scheduled to appear in 2011 -

  • Chad Ochocinco
  • Mia Hamm
  • Bernie Williams
  • Jason Whitten
  • Cal Ripken Jr.

See Disney's ESPN the Weekend page for more information


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Dad's Bottom Line

If you are a sports fan, you'll love the happenings. Stop by and say hello. If you're not a sports fan, don't worry too much, the guys don't bite unless they have pads on.


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