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E-tickets coming back and paying for FastPasses

by Mike Litzelman
(Prattville, Alabama)

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“My wife, daughter, and I had a weeklong wonderful vacation to Disney world the second week of December a few months ago. You were absolutely right about the Christmas celebrations. Our favorite 3 rides were Expedition Everest, Tower of Terror, and Star Tours. And as Star Wars fans, we can’t wait for Galaxies Edge. Our plan is to go again the week of February 2 through 8 of 2020. Hopefully some of the craziness over Galaxies Edge will have calmed down.

My question is this, I am reading sites talking about the parks starting E-Tickets again or charging for FastPasses, specifically for the two new rides. In your experience with new attractions opening, should we expect this to be the case, and what specifically are E-Tickets?

Michael Litzelman

Thanks Dad. Love your site and watch it regularly”

Christmas is awesome

Hi Michael,

I’m glad you enjoyed Christmas at WDW. Isn’t it AWESOME? It’s my favorite time of the year to visit.

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Let’s talk

So let’s talk about February.

I do think that first part of February will fall into the normal patterns. Maybe a little busier than normal, but not the crazy busy like right after Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens. It should be light to moderate for the week you are there.

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Charging for FastPass+

I know there are all kinds of rumors out there about how when Galaxy’s Edge opens everything is going to change. Rumors like you’ll be able to buy FastPasses for the rides in Galaxy’s Edge.

Some of this comes from confusion between Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Disneyland does have a program where anyone can “buy” FastPasses. It’s called MaxPass. MaxPass is $15 a day per guest. It sounds pretty cool, but it’s not available at WDW.

At Walt Disney World there is a program where guests staying at concierge level rooms in selected hotels can buy extra FastPasses. It’s $50 for 3 FastPasses. But it’s a very limited group who can access the program. That’s the only way to buy extra FastPasses at WDW.

Will paid extra FastPasses come to WDW? Maybe, maybe not. The concierge test says it might happen, but when you look at the price, it’s going to be expensive. I do think eventually it will, but I doubt it will be in time for or specifically for Galaxy’s Edge.

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E-Tickets vs. eTickets

The Disney Parks haven’t always been pay one price and ride all the rides. When Disneyland opened and through the first couple of years WDW opened the way you “paid” for rides was like at a fair where you buy tickets. There used to be a ticket book with A, B, C, D, and E tickets. The E-Tickets were the most expensive and were for the best rides.

This is another place where Disneyland and Disney World are getting confused. Disneyland is starting an eTicket program, meaning electronic tickets. Disneyland is just now moving from paper tickets to electronic tickets. Disneyland even still has paper FastPass tickets.

I don’t see WDW going back to paper, or the A, B, C, D, and E ticket system ever.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Michael, I do think some things are going to change when Galaxy’s Edge opens. Will the FastPass+ system change at Hollywood Studios? Undoubtedly. Will paper tickets come back? Not a chance. Will more paid FastPass options become available? Maybe. We’ll know more in the next few months.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.


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