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Evening only Disney World Tickets

by Diane Frank
(New Mexico)

Are there evening only tickets? I will be at a work conference, but would like to see Disney World after 6 pm without paying the price for a full-day ticket if possible.

Coronado Springs Convention Center

Coronado Springs Conference Room

Photo by obfusciatrist

Dad’s no, but Answer


This is one of those interesting questions that has a very complex answer. If you were to try to buy an after hours ticket, you’d find that Disney doesn’t sell them. So no, there is no such thing as an Evening Only or After Hours Ticket to Walt Disney World.

However, since you will be attending a conference (and I hope that conference is being hosted by Disney), you will be eligible to purchase tickets at a discounted rate that are only good after a certain time (if I remember right it was 4 pm).

These tickets aren’t available to the general public, but only to conference attendees. They were significantly cheaper than the Magic Your Way Tickets.

Your conference organizers should send you some information on tickets either before you arrive or while you are at the conference. There will probably be a Disney rep there the first day of the convention with information about tickets.

One of the drawbacks of going to a conference or convention at Disney World is the draw of the parks. (I went to a convention at Disney World last year.) For me, it was almost too distracting. I’m at Disney World, but I have to sit in a Convention Hall all day? Who’s crazy idea was that? I’m not sure I want to do that again.

While I did do my duty and work all day, it was hard. I wanted to ditch the convention and run out to the Magic Kingdom every day. It was good that the convention was at the Coronado Springs and not at the Contemporary, because if I’d been that close to the Magic Kingdom, I don’t think I could have held out.

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Diane, Disney deals with conferences all the time. They do have provisions for conference guests to get in to the parks at a discounted rate. It’s fun to go to the parks in the evenings even if it’s disappointing to miss the day time hours.

Comments for

Apr 30, 2018 Surprised? Really?
by: Bart

I am not even a little bit surprised by this answer. Disney doesn’t owe anyone anything. It’s a HUGE corporation with it’s own interest guiding it’s decisions. If all you Disney Fanatics are willing to keep paying the insane prices that force most families to save for years for a trip, then what do you expect.

The parks are full, and people are lined up to give even more money. I’ve been done with Disney for a long time now, I guess that’s one less person you have to compete with for space in the park!

You go enjoy, I spend my money and time exploring the real world these days. I don’t mean to sound condescending, I just can’t take Disney anymore!

Dec 28, 2017 Eveningonly Disney world tickets
by: Anonymous

What if you don’t want to walk around all day or only have the time for an evening event. I think Disney owes these small additions to the people who patronize the parks or would like to visit them. They have too many limited options. If you want People to continue to want to go there you need to show the People that you have our interests at heart as well as your own! It’s more in the spirit of what the Disney Magic is all about!

Apr 03, 2016 Evening Disney Tickets
by: Anonymous

Disney used to sell a late pm / evening ticket, but seems they got rid of it. A bad business move in my opinion, they could make a ton of money and expand their attendance. SO much for the new management

Oct 10, 2015 Evening only Tickets
by: Deb

Ridiculous, even Fl residents pay full price for a one day pass, really unreachable for most to go to the park for fireworks and dinner. Walt Disney would turn over in his grave to see that most cannot afford to see the park!

Jul 21, 2014 evening dicount
by: Anonymous

This Is Not Fair Y OU should Have Evening Discount As Much MONEY Disneyworld Makes Stop Being So Greedy And Give People A CHANCE We All Pay Enough Tax Already After All WHAT is Going ON Your Parks You Should Look Into That Have Wonderful Magical Time Serious thank you

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