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Evening or late Extra Magic Hours vs. Morning EMH

by Louis

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“Hi Dad,

We are headed to Disney April 28 – May 5th. I know you recommend morning Extra Magic Hours but I was wondering what you thought about the evening Extra Magic Hours? Thanks for your help.”

Morning vs. Evening Extra Magic Hours

Evening fireworks at EPCOT seen from Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

You might even see some extra fireworks during late Extra Magic Hours – Photo by Wayne Wood

Hi Louis,

I am a big fan of Extra Magic Hours (EMH). I talk about early EMH because I’m a morning person my bedtime is 10 o’clock (Central). I’m not a night owl. But I also talk about early EMH because they are more helpful because you are starting with an empty park as opposed to a full park.

Dad’s Extra Magic Hours page

During Evening Extra Magic Hours some of the “big” rides still have lines that can be an hour or more long.

The people in line get to ride the ride even after closing time. So say, you want to ride Space Mountain during evening Extra Magic Hours. You go over there first thing. Guess what? There’s an hour wait.

During morning Extra Magic Hours that wait would only be 15 minutes at the max.

Plan Backward

Now that’s not so say that evening Extra Magic Hours aren’t a good thing. They are. You just have to plan your evening backward. Instead of doing the big rides first (like I normally recommend), you plan the big rides last. At the end of Evening EMH Space Mountain will have like a 5 minute wait.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

If you’re a night owl and not a morning person Evening or Late Extra Magic Hours are just fine. Just plan your evening backward and it will work great.

What do you think? Do you like morning or evening EMH better? Tell us below in the comments.


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