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Expired passes


We recently purchased some 4-day passes for our family of 5. We used 2 days, then a family member became ill and we could not return to the park. We had to return home. What can we do with our expired passes?

Dad’s I’m so sorry answer


If you returned within the last week, run, and I do mean run, down to the nearest Disney Store and upgrade your tickets to never expire today. (Yes, I know, it’s 9:00 eastern time, but still…)


If it’s been more than 14 days since you activated your tickets, I have some really bad news. Unless you can call Disney and plead with them, you are out of luck. I don’t know if Disney will even listen to you, but it’s worth a try. Sometimes they are really nice, but I’ve never dealt with them on an issue like this. If you were staying in a Disney hotel and checked out early it will help your cause.


I would start at the ticket desk. The number is (407) 939-1289.


The alternative would be to do like a lot of people do and put them up for sale on Ebay. Just make sure to use a fake name and address and stuff. I am just kidding. Don’t ever do anything like that.


Dad’s Bottom Line


This is a good lesson for anyone going to Walt Disney World. Things happen. Sometimes the worst happens and you end up leaving in a hurry. Disney tickets expire 14 days after first use. You even have a couple of days after you get home to add the never expire option. Yes it costs money, but what’s better, to throw away hundreds of dollars of tickets, or to spend a bit to save it?


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