Exploring outside Disney World

Exploring outside Disney World

by Deb

Dad, we are going to Disney World May 6th without the grandson (he messed up). We would like to do some exporing outside Disney World and spend 1 day in the Bahamas, my birthday and some other day at the casinos in orlando. Tell us how to accomplish this. Thank you, Deb.

Dad's brilliant Answer

Dad's tuned up the lights, he's got is glitter suit on and is ready to be brilliant.

Just for you Deb,

How do you go exploring outside of Disney World? Are your ready for Dad's brilliance? "Get ready for here it comes" (Dad's singing again)

I don't have a clue how to go exploring outside of Disney World. When I get to Disney World I'm not about to leave.

Told ya, brilliant.

Going to the casinos is easy. Get in your car and drive. I can't tell you about any of them, however just looking at them on the internet, you might want to drive to Tampa.

Getting to Nassau is a bit of a problem. There aren't any direct flights. You have to go through Miami (or Chicago) and it takes 4 hours each way plus a 45 minute drive to and from the airport plus security time makes for a pretty long day.

Dad's Bottom Line

Deb, I hope this helps.

Dad's just going to slink over to the corner and start singin again ... "fiddily dee, fiddily dum ..."

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