Extra Magic Hours

NOTE: Extra Magic Hours have been replaced by Early Theme Park Entry and Extended Evening Hours.

Extra Magic Hours (EMH) is a great perk for guests of the Walt Disney World Hotels. (Hey, they pay enough they ought to get some perks.) Disney hotel guests can get into the parks one hour before or up to three hours after the rest of the world. Cool.

How Extra Magic Hours Work

It’s real easy. Stay in a Disney Hotel. Go to the park early on the early day or stay late on the evening day. All you need to get in is your MagicBand. Simple. OK, I guess it’s a bit more challenging than that …

Who’s eligible

You have to be staying at one of the Disney Hotels (or a partner hotel) to be eligible for the program. Here is a list of the resorts you can stay at and be eligible –

  • Walt Disney World Hotels
  • Shades of Green
  • Swan and Dolphin
  • Disney Springs Hotels (B Resort & Spa, Best Western Lake Buena Vista, DoubleTree by Hilton Orlando, Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace, Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista, Holiday Inn Orlando, Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista)


What hours are the parks open? Typically the parks open at 9 AM, but some days the theme theme parks open as early as 6:00am Eastern Standard Time (not very often). To which I’m sure you’re saying…

Yes, I want you to be ready to enter the park as soon as it opens. That means, through security and standing at the gate with all the other Early Birds (a smart man said the early bird gets two in a bush or something like that).

About Extra Magic Hours

When a park has morning Extra Magic Hours you can get in to the park 1 hour prior to the scheduled opening time. When a park has evening Extra Magic Hours you can stay up to 3 (usually 2) hours after the park “closes”.

Morning – if you have park hopper passes, get to the Magic Kingdom early, experience Fantasyland or Tomorrowland with small crowds. Keep moving until the park fills up and pop on over to another park. Early Extra Magic Hour at EPCOT is really helpful. If you can get Soarin’, Test Track and Mission Space, or Seven Dwarfs Mine Train done before the crowds get there and it doesn’t matter how many people show up later.

Evening – This is bonus time. If you don’t have an early morning planned the next day, enjoy yourselves. As the day gets later, the crowds will get smailer. There is nothing more exciting than riding Space Mountain at 2 in the morning when no one else is in the park. (Yawn)

Dad talks about how Morning Extra Magic Hours work

What Attractions Are Available

Here are the attractions in each park that are open during both early and late Extra Magic Hours.


Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom has the most to see and do so it has the most attractions open. Early EMH is great for families with smaller children.

The Magic Kingdom is the park where EMH helps the most.


Evening – the same as above plus,


EPCOT EMH is mainly about Future World (that’s where all the rides are). You will save lots of standing in line by using Extra Magic Hours in EPCOT.

Early –

Evening – All of the above, plus,

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

In Disney Hollywood Studios you’ll find all the big line attractions open during EMH.

Early –

Evening – same as above, plus

NOTICE that the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attractions are NOT part of EMH for now.

Animal Kingdom

Yes, the animals get up this early (and some even stay up late). Kilimanjaro Safari after dark is something to be experienced.