Extra Magic Hours and FastPass+

Extra Magic Hours and FastPass+

by Steve
(houston )

Dad, if you are staying on property, and going to the Magic Kingdom for morning Extra Magic Hours, are you able to reserve FastPass+ for that early extra hour? And can you book that at the 60 day out mark?

An early trip down Splash Mountain

Can you get a FastPass+ for Splash Mountain during Early EMH? - Photo by Disney Photo Snapper

Dad's nope Answer


Good Question!

This one won't take long.

That's why I'm stalling.

To make this post longer.

And more annoying.

OK!!! I'll get on with it.

FastPass+ isn't offered during Extra Magic Hours. It's pretty much that simple.

Dad's FastPass+ page

There is really no need for FastPass+ during Extra Magic Hours. Crowds just aren't big enough to warrant it. That's true of early and late.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Steve, I could spend a couple hundred extra words filling up the page, but I won't waste your time. No FastPass+ during Extra Magic Hours.

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