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Extra Magic Hours and the Monorail in December

by Nick Grasse
(Illinois )

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We are staying at the Polynesian villiage resort and planning to go to the magic kingdom on December 29th, 2017. Extra Magic hours are from 7-8am that day. When will the monorails start up, and do you think we’d have enough time to get on the monorail and be at the park with enough time to get in a good position on Main Street before the park opens for EMH?


The monorail at the Polynesian Village Resort

When will these start running? – Photo by Laurie Sapp

Nick, the Magic Kingdom monorail loop, on normal days, will start two hours before official park opening. Now, that’s before at this point the 8:00 time on that day, 8:00 official park opening day, so they’ll start at 6 am. Six gives you an hour to get on the monorail, get around to the Magic Kingdom, get in the park, and since you go through security there at the Polynesian now, absolutely you’ll have plenty of time to get to Main Street even do a little shopping on Main Street and be in a good position when the park opens.

The bottom line is if you are at the monorail at 6:00 am you should be able to get on the monorail. Sleepy time, wiping the sleep out of your eyes. Enjoy. It should work fine.


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