Fall Disney World specials

Fall Disney World specials

by Megan
(Madisonville La)

We have reservations on September 29th thru October 6th. When we made our reservations there weren't any specials available. Should we expect to pay full price or do you think there will be any Fall Disney World specials? Our flights have already been paid for and were a FORTUNE! It would be nice if Disney could figure out that the expense of flights and gas could keep a family from coming to Disney so they need to offer specials. Thank you so much for all your info, Megan

See the Northwestern Crew with Fall Disney World Specials

Fall Disney World specials will get you in to see the crew of the Northwestern
Photo by Sean O'Shaughnessy

Dad's not yet but coming Answer


No Disney hasn't announced any fall Disney World specials, but I do expect them too. Disney has been cutting back on the discounts they are making available, but they are still discounting.

Over the last 3 years, Disney has had some tremendous discounts, but lately they have been "weaning" the public from discounts (see the quote here).

I expect that in July or so, the discounts for the fall will be announced. But I've been wrong before. I didn't see these price increases coming this week. I didn't even hear rumors about it. That's unusual.

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Dad's Bottom Line

Yes, it costs a lot to go to Disney, but as long as people keep flocking to Walt Disney World in near record numbers, Disney will keep the price as high as they can. That's not a bad thing. It is the way a business works. You charge as much as you can so you have money to make your product better. Yes, it's hard sometimes to swallow, but that's just good business.

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Jun 17, 2019

do you see Disney putting any fall discounts/free dining for 2019? I am going 11/26/2019-12/3/2019


Dad Answers

I don't foresee any more discounts for 2019. It could happen, but it won't be Free Dining.

Jul 22, 2016
What Low Summer Attendance Could mean for the fall.
by: Keli

I've heard that attendance has been down this summer. Do you think Disney will be a little more generous with discounts this fall?

Dad's Answer

Keli, Disney's discounts for the fall are already set. I doubt you'll see any new or better discounts. There might be a room only discount for late November and December, but the rest of the fall is set.

The attendance downturn might mean better discounts next year if the downturn continues in the fall.

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