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Family of 3 and first time visiting Disney…

by Tabatha Lewis

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“We are planning our first trip to Disney. It will be my husband, our little girl who turns 6 in July, and myself. We do not want to take our little girl out of school for the trip, so that leaves only a small time frame we can go. And for the most part, the dates are soon. School is out after May 18th, so anytime after that through the end of July, but we are afraid it will be so hot! When do you think it would be the least hot in June?

She is also out of school around December 18th. But, that is right at Christmas time. We have never been on a plane, so I am as clueless when it comes to planning this vacation! I have browsed your site and it is a wealth of valuable information!

I just don’t know how to go about planning plane tickets, place to stay, tickets for Disney, meal plans, etc. We would like to stay at a Disney resort, but how do you pick? And then there are fast passes (learned a bit about these on your site.) I believe she would like Magic Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom, so those are the two I was thinking we would stick to. How many days should we plan?

How many days should be plan to visit the parks? And I know this varies, but how much money should we have set aside? When is everything paid? Up front? Wow! I think all my anxiety just went into this! But, The Bottom Line is… WE ARE GOING TO DISNEY! Please help! This mama is stressing…”

Take a breath

the sun rising over Expedition Everest is soothing

Relax, the sun will come up tomorrow – Photo by Mathew Cooper

Tabitha, congratulations, YOU’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD. This is going to be so great. But relax, take a breath, take a step back. Check out the sunrise.

You’re not going to the moon, you’re going to Disney World. It’s really not that hard. I know it feels like it. I know it sounds like it, but if you do it step-by-step it’s not that hard.

Call in the Calvary

The first thing I want to recommend is that you get some help. I just talked about Destinations to Travel. They are great at holding your hand. They’re used to people that are stressed. They’re great about holding your hands and walking you through each of these things, when to go, how long to stay, what hotel to book, FastPass+, dining reservations.

They can help you with all of that. I highly recommend you get in touch with them today, because May 18th is not far away. You need to get started today. You’re way behind. Even for December you’re a little behind, but you need to get started today.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

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All right. Second, go over to Amazon and get my book. It’s $17 or something like that over on Amazon. It does exactly what you’re asking. It takes you step-by-step through How to book your hotel, when to go, where to stay… Everything. Even the airlines. It talks about the airlines. It could go on and on, but just go get the book.

Trust Me!

Buy Dad’s Book

Go in May

About when to go? If you can go May 18th! That would be the perfect time. The earlier you go in the summer period the better. If you can go between May 18th and mid-June, that’s before the Florida schools get out. That’s the time to go.

I recommend you get on the plane on May 18th and go. That’s a great time to go. The weather might be hot, but it’s not as hot as it will be in July and August, so May 18th would be the perfect time to go.

Dad’s May Disney World Crowds page
Dad’s June Disney World Crowds page

December is not as good

Now as for December, I love Christmas at Disney World. It’s my favorite time of the year at Disney World, and we’ve gone lots of times on December 18th. It’s actually The Princess’ birthday and we go on her birthday (because that was when school got out) and go to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party for her birthday, so we’ve been there at that time of year.

Dad’s Christmas at Disney World page

I will say the crowds aren’t crazy until about the 23rd, so you’ve got a few days where the crowds won’t be too bad, the 23rd or 24th. But if you can go in May it would be better. Just no Christmas.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

The bottom line is if you can go in May, go in May. If you can go in early June, go in early June. Christmas is an alternative and it won’t be crazy if you go as soon as you get out of school on that 18th.

Right now, grab the book and the get in touch with Destinations To Travel and let them help you get started today.

It’s going to be OK.


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