Family suites at All Star Movie resort

Family suites at All Star Movie resort

by Karla
(Billings MT)

I have heard that there are Family Suites at the All Star Movies Resort for a family that have 6 people and want to stay together. I have looked every where to find what kind of prices I could expect if I use this option in off peak season, but am unable to find any kind of price quote. Can you help me?

The Family Suite at the All Star Music Resort

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Dad's not exactly Answer


Yes, there are Family Suites at the All Star Music (not Movies) Resort that will officially sleep 6. I'm not sure I agree with that, but that's the party line.

Dad's All Star Music Resort room information page

Here is the layout for the Family Suite ...
Layout of the Family Suite at the Disney All Star Movies Resort
As you can see, there is really only one bed. It's a queen sized bed that sleeps 2. The other 4 guests sleep on the sleeper sofa and the 2 sleeper chairs (one in each room). That's OK if you are only sleeping little kids, but if you, or your parents are sleeping in those "beds" ... ???

A better option, in Dad's opinion is getting 2 rooms at one of the Value Resorts, (Dad prefers the Pop Century.) You can request connecting rooms. Disney doesn't guarantee it, but they try really hard to get families together and do a wonderful job. (Most of the rooms at the Value Resorts are connecting.)

Now about the prices (these are 2010 prices). The Family Suites will cost the same as 2 preferred view rooms at the Value Resort. For example, this year a preferred room at the All Star Music during the lowest price season cost $97.00 per night. The Family Suite was $194.00. Exactly 2 times as much.

If you rented 2 rooms that weren't preferred at the price was $82.00. So 2 standard view rooms would save you $32.00 per night. You do get a mini-refrigerator and a microwave and a coffee maker (and a stiff neck) in the Family Suite but not in the standard rooms. (You can rent a refrigerator for $10.00 per night.)

If you are looking for 2011 prices, why not to over to Dad's Pixie and Pirate Destinations page and let Amanda and her troops find the prices for you.

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Dad's Bottom Line

I'm not at all a fan of the Family Suites. (If they do fit your family and you are going next year, don't forget the brand new Art of Disney Animation hotel is scheduled to open in the summer.) I think saving the money, or even getting 2 preferred rooms for the same price is a better option.

Let me know if you need more info.

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