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Family Suites at the All Star Music Resort

by Ricardo

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“I will be staying at the All Star Music Resort with my family in a family suite during my Disney vacation. Can you tell me about this hotel?”

Movies Under the Stars set up at the All Star Music

You might want to catch Movies Under the Stars – Photo by Cliff Wang

Ricardo, I can tell you a little, I’ve never actually been over to the All Star Resorts, so I don’t know a lot about them. We’ve got a page all about the All Star Music. Check it out…

Dad’s All Star Music Resort page

Since I don’t know much about the All Star Music Resort, I asked my partners from Destinations to Travel if they could help. I said, “Has anybody been to the All Stars? Can anybody tell me what you know about the All Star Music?” and Chris Boyer, one of their agents, wrote a really nice little synopsis, and here we go. I’m going to read it right here, right now.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

Alright, so here’s what Chris says; “How exciting that you are staying at the All Star Music for your upcoming trip. This is actually the first on property resort I had the opportunity to stay at as a child, so it’s a special place in my heart. The theming of the resort just screams Disney, allowing you to stay immersed in the Disney experience throughout your entire stay. As the name implies the All Star Music resort is music themed, with larger than life statues depicting the theme of the resort located throughout.”

“The family suites are 520 square feet, which is double the size of a regular room. Your suite will either be in the Calypso or the Jazz building, which are the closest buildings to Melody Hall,” (Melody Hall is the main building where the food court and everything else is). “Your room will feature two full bedrooms, a kitchenette, a main bedroom with a queen bed and a flat screen TV, and a second room that contains a full size sleeper sofa, a convertible twin sleep chair, and a second television,” and there are two bathrooms. Chris doesn’t say that, but I do, that’s a great thing.

“While you have the ability to prepare meals in your room you can also grab a bite to eat at the intermission food court, which is located inside Melody Hall. The food court contains five different quick serve locations, provides a variety of meals from 6 a.m. until midnight. The main pool, the Calypso pool, is very large and features the Three Caballeros that shoots streams of water out onto those swimming below.” It’s pretty cool. “There’s also a second smaller quiet pool that is themed, looks like a piano.” We’ve got a picture of that on the All Star Music page

“The resort has a playground for kids that is located in the same area as the family suites, and an outdoor Singing Spirits Bar for the adults. There are laundry facilities on site, and like every other resort free life vests in various sizes are available at the pool.”


Destinations to Travel LLC.

Dad’s Bottom Line

The All Star Music Resort really has something for everyone, like Chris says. It is a beautiful hotel, it’s really got it cool. It’s a value resort, it’s not going to be the Grand Floridian, but it works. The Disney value resorts, they just work. I love the value resorts, we stay at one pretty regularly. So I hope that helps, there’s lots of stuff to see and do at the All Star Music Resort and the Family Suites are really cool.


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Jul 05, 2017 All Star Music
by: Anonymous

Stayed at All Star Music last April loved it buses were terrific food good. Great value!!💕

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