Fantasmic every night through September 30


by Dad

Big news: Disney announced today that Fantasmic will be shown every night through September 30.

Fantasmic Shown Every Night at Disney World

Fantasmic will be shown every night at Walt Disney World
Photo by Express Monorail

This is a big change. Yesterday, I looked and Fantasmic was only being shown on Sunday and Wednesday. That made Disney Hollywood Studios the busiest park on days that Fantasmic was shown. The Fantasmic Dinner Packages were all sold out through December.

By adding shows every night (like Disney used to) creates more opportunities for guests to see the show and for Disney to sell more Fantasmic Dinner Packages. (Although the extra dinner packages haven’t been loaded into the system as of yet.)

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Hopefully this is the beginning of a trend. For years Fantasmic was shown every night. For the last couple of years it was limited to two or three nights per week. Maybe Disney will go back to every night. That would be a real good thing.

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