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Fantasmic! in January 2012?


by Jenna C.
(Jersey City, NJ)


Hi, I hope you’re having a magical summer! I recently booked a trip to Disney World for January 2012, dates 9-14. We were so excited to read that it’s a relatively quiet time, fewer crowds and relatively warm weather. BUT when I recently checked the Disney World site for the January 2012 calendar, I found that Fantasmic! would not be showing for most of January (sadly including ALL the days that my family and I will be there) into February. Is there ANY case that this could be a mistake…because it definitely was a big part of our magical experience. Thanks in advance!


Beauty and the Beast in Fantasmic. Will it be shown in January of 2012?

Will you see Fantasmic in January of 2012? Photo by Express Monorail

Dad’s everyone’s got to have a day off sometime Answer




I’m sorry to say that you are probably going to miss Fantasmic! in January of 2012. There has not been an official announcement from Disney but it looks like the show will be in refurbishment during the month of January.


Of course this is subject to change, but with Disney having the show scheduled in December and again in February, it’s a good bet that the lack of any scheduled performances of Fantasmic! in January of 2012 is not just a mistake. It’s probably purposeful.

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Disney rehabs rides all the time. Space Mountain was closed for several months last year. Disney usually closes rides and shows during slow times so January makes a lot of sense for Fantasmic!

Dad’s Bottom Line


It can be very discouraging when you find out that one of your favorite attractions at Disney World will be closed during your visit. That’s one reason we tend to go in December. Everything is open during December (except Tom Sawyer Island and Typhoon Lagoon and it’s too cold to ride the water rides …)


Jenna, yes, it’s a bit sad, but think about what you will see and not what you’ll miss and everything will be fine. Plus, you won’t have to stand in that horrible line for so long.


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