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Fantasyland turns 1

Hey Y’all! It has been quite a long time since I wrote a blog entry. So much has been going on at WDW it’s hard to keep up with. Its hard to believe that the New Fantasyland turns 1 this month. Has it been a whole year already? Dad wanted me to stop by and lead the celebration. Pretty appropriate because I just love Fantasyland.

It's all new - by Disney Photo Snapper

It’s all new – by Disney Photo Snapper

The expansion kicked off by opening The Storybook Circus last December. Storybook Circus is the place to come to see some of your favorite characters in a different story. The Storybook Circus is taken from the story of Dumbo. So that means of course Dumbo the Flying Elephant ride is the center of the action.

Double your fun - by WDW Shutterbug

Double your fun – by WDW Shutterbug

In Storybook Circus you will find other circus shows like Pete’s Silly Sideshow. Pete gathers all of his friends dressed in the circus best under one tent. Guests can come and explore what he has gathered. What circus would be complete without the Great Goofini. He brings his ride The Barnstormer to Storybook Circus.

The Great Goofini is The Barnstormer

The Great Goofini is The Barnstormer

Of course, no circus would be complete without a big top and Storybook Circus has quite a neat one. The Big Top Tent is filled with goodies and souvenirs. Some of those goodies look good enough to eat (ha ha).

Souvenirs and Goodies - by WDW Shutterbug

Souvenirs and Goodies – by WDW Shutterbug

How does the circus get to town? In the train silly and boy is it a silly train. In the movie Casey Junior is the train that brings Dumbo and the circus to town. In this circus Casey Jr. not only brings the circus to town, but stays around to play with the kids, and oh, does he play with the kids. Lookie at our little buddy Trent.

Casey Jr. just might get you wet - by Disney Photo Snapper

Casey Jr. just might get you wet – by Disney Photo Snapper

The second part of the expansion The Enchanted Forest opened in October 2012. Here stories I grew up with jump into action. My two favorite Disney movies, The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, are brought to life.  Most castles at WDW are dedicated to the Princesses but not in The Enchanted Forest, Prince Eric and the Beast both have their castles homes there.

Prince Eric's Castle - by WDW Shutterbug

Prince Eric’s Castle – by WDW Shutterbug

Under the Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid lets riders hop on a shell and ride into Prince Eric’s castle. Once inside the castle they are treated to a great musical show featuring all the music of the movie. After riding this attraction guests can race over to Ariel’s Grotto where the Princess will be handing out autographs and posing for pictures.


Go on and kiss the girl … by Disney Photo Snapper

If you have seen the movie Beauty and the Beast, you will remember the scenes where Lumiere sings Be Our Guest. That is the theme of the new Be Our Guest restaurant in Fantasyland. Here guests can choose from 3 different dining rooms. Each room is straight from the movie. There is the Belle’s Library, the Ballroom, or the mysterious West Wing.

Since the Magic Kingdom opened it has been alcohol free. That is no longer the case. Be Our Guests broke the rules and allowed guests to have drinks while in the most fascinating story. If you want to eat here you will need ADR for sure. That’s where our friends over at Destination to Travel can help. Give them a shout.

Be Our Guest is amazing - by Disney Photo Snapper

Be Our Guest is amazing – by Disney Photo Snapper

I have heard that the food is delicious, don’t believe me ask the dishes lol. Really the food is fantastic. It is not your usual hamburger or pizza joint. Good food and great atmosphere makes Beast Castle a must stop on your day at Fantasyland. And the Gray Stuff really is delicious.

Belle really loved to read and now will even share her stories with guests at Belle’s Enchanted Tales. Belle and Lumiere invite guests of all ages into Belle’s home at Maurice’s cottage. Belle spends her day here telling stories and giving the guests a chance to become part of the story.  It is a one of kind experience at WDW.

Belle comes alive and helps you tell the tale - by Disney Photo Snapper

Belle comes alive and helps you tell the tale – by Disney Photo Snapper

Later in 2013, Princess Fairytale Hall was opened. Here your favorite Princesses share their stories in a nice air-conditioned building. Sounds like a great place to take an afternoon break after grabbing a snack. Rapunzel and Cinderella are the princesses always there. Aurora, from Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Tiana, Jasmine and Mulan make appearances in Fairytale Hall to share their stories.

It has been a big year for the new Fantasyland. Guests from all over the world have traveled to visit. It really adds even more fun to the Magic Kingdom. Fantayland was in need of a facelift and the Imagineers did just that. In 2014, the addition of The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will open. This attraction will complete the Fantasyland Expansion.

Dad keeps talking about taking the family back to WDW next year. (Hey, Dad is it next year yet?)

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