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Fantasyland upgrade announced

Disney announced a major upgrade to Fantasyland at Walt Disney World. Kinda like a Extreme Makeover Disney Edition. I can just see it… Ty shows up and escorts Mickey, Minnie and Cinderella into a crystal coach where they are whisked off for a 2 year vacation to ???

I just had a great idea. How about a contest? Use the comment section below to send in your ideas about where Ty could send Mickey, Minnie and Cinderella during construction.

About the coming changes –

Mickey’s Toontown Fair, in Dad’s opinion, has been a big waste of space since it opened will be leveled for a much needed expansion of Fantasyland. The changes will double the capacity of Dumbo which is much needed. It will also bring a whole new ride to Fantasyland based on the little Mermaid.

For the latest pictures of the proposed additions, check out the Orlando Sentinel

Don’t forget to send in your ideas below.

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  1. Imagine the surprised, stunned and fearful looks on their faces if they were taken to the “adult” Disney, Las Vegas? I’m getting a mental picture of the limo pulling up on the strip and the happy gang piling out, taking one look, then scrambling back in!

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