FastPass+ and non-Disney Guests

by Jennifer

Is Fast Pass+ available only to those booking at resort hotels?

Guests using a FastPass+ Scanner

For now it’s just Disney Hotel Guests – Photo by Disney

Dad’s yes, and no Answer


FastPass+ is one of the most exciting thing Disney has rolled out in years. (OK, maybe the New Fantasyland and Carsland top it, but just barely.) Just think about it, plan all your FASTPASSes (funny how Disney uses uppercase for FASTPASS and mixed case for FastPass+) before you leave home (well, maybe not all). No sprinting to Expedition Everest, or Soarin’. Not having to choose between the mountains. Now you can do all that from home. Cool right? (If you can figure out that My Disney Experience thing.

Not so fast …

FastPass+ and all the MyMagic+ program is still in the early testing phase. Guess who gets to do early testing of Disney products at Disney World? Yep, that’s right, Disney Hotel guests are the first ones to test FastPass+.

So, in theory the answer to your question is yes. But then again it’s also no. (Don’t you just love it when Dad takes both sides of an answer?)

In fact, not all Disney Hotel guests are getting to test the new program. Only SELECT guests from SELECT Disney hotels are being INVITED to participate in FastPass+. Even the number of invitees is limited.

Disney says that over the next few months they will be expanding testing (again expect Disney Hotel guests to be the “chosen few”). Some time next year I expect Disney to expand the program to everyone.

Unless …

Hey, I’ve got a great idea (sorry Jennifer). Let’s start a petition drive. Let’s ask Disney to make FastPass+ a perk for Disney Hotel guests.

Who’s in?

Dads’s FASTPASS and FastPass+ page

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Dad’s Bottom Line

Jennifer, depending on when your vacation is, you might be able to experience FastPass+. If you’re going next year, the odds are pretty good.

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