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FastPass for Soarin’

by Cindy

When you are visiting two parks in one day how do you make sure you can get a FastPass to the second park since it will be later in the day before you get there? Example: We will start at Animal Kingdom and then later go to EPCOT because we have dinner reservations there. If we want a FastPass for Soarin’ but we are not there to get one until that afternoon is it possible they will be all gone? How can we avoid this happening?


Dad’s you’re not gonna like this Answer

Cindy, that’s quite a problem you’ve got. The answer is, if you are going during a busy time then you’re probably out of luck and will just have to wait in line. (Dad actually tried this once. Not my finest hour.)

However, if you are going during a slower time of year, you might be able to get a FastPass for Soarin’. To see which crowd category you fit in you can check out the calendars on

Dad’s Crowds page

I’ve been trying to think of options, but I can’t come up with anything that might work. You could send someone to EPCOT, but they’d have to take everyone’s park passes and that’s probably not a good idea. They’d also have to hit at just the right time. So scratch that idea.

Standing in line for Soarin’ is not that bad. (Yeah, right.)

Dad’s Soarin’ page

Comments for FastPass for Soarin’

Mar 02, 2012

FastPass Expiration

by: Anonymous

Fast Passes don’t expire, at least not on the day you get them. I had dinner reservations for the Brown Derby that overlapped with my return time for Toy Story Mania. The cast member tending the line said not to worry; you can return any time during or after your allocated return time.

I hit the jackpot in the Magic Kingdom one day when a mom of numerous kiddies gave me a stack of fast passes they’d been collecting all day and were too tired to use. I rode Peter Pan’s Flight three times in less than an hour!

Dad intercedes

This is changing. As of next week, the new policy is supposed to be, after the time expires the pass will no longer be good. We’ll see. Don’t plan on using an expired FASTPASS, but you might try it and come back and tell us what happens.

Oct 25, 2010

Another Suggestion

by: Linda

Here’s what I would do about the Fastpass dilemma – Open EPCOT at 9AM, go immediately to Soarin’ and get the appropriate number of fastpasses. Then leave and catch a bus to AK and enjoy the day. When it is time for dinner at EPCOT, go back – your fastpass will be expired, but try it anyway. I’ve never been turned down yet when going in after it expires. At least it is worth a try, the worse thing that could happen is that you have to wait in the Standby line. Good luck!

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