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FastPasses when part of reservation is canceled

by John
(New Jersey)

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“We are going to Disney World in May with a large group. One of our sons is not sure yet if he will be able to get the time off. We have him on the reservations and we are coming up on the time to make our Fast passes.

I know Disney has a new policy where if you cancel your reservation your fast passes get cancelled also. If he is not able to go and we have to cancel his part of the reservation, will it change the rest of our fast passes?”

Only if…

Hey John. Great question.

There has been a loophole in the FastPass program for years. You could make a hotel reservation, make FastPass+ reservations at 60 days, then at 30 days or right before final payment was due, cancel your hotel reservation and the FastPass reservations would still be good.

Some people were taking advantage of that and leaving Disney with unfilled hotel rooms they could have sold.

The new policy is only if you cancel a reservation your FastPasses are canceled too, which just makes sense.

Cancel or Modify

The important word there is cancel. In your case it sounds like you are modifying your reservation, not canceling it.

Removing your son off your reservation is not canceling it. It would be modifiying your reservation, so no problem with FastPass.

If your son has his own hotel reservation only his FastPasses will be canceled. It won’t affect your FastPasses even if you’ve done the friends and family thing and connected your FastPasses together.

This is one of those problems that creep up that Destinations to Travel is great at helping with. Let’s say that Disney’s computers mess up and cancel all of the FastPasses when they shouldn’t. Your Destinations to Travel agent with get on the phone with Disney and get the FastPasses reinstated if at all possible.

That’s just another reason I always recommend that you book your trips with Destinations to Travel.

Dad’s Destinations to Travel Page

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

I know this is a little stressful, but if Disney’s computers are set up right, then your son canceling shouldn’t effect your reservation.


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