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Fathers Day Crowds at Walt Disney World

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All right. Hi, love your page. How are Father’s Day crowds? Any part better for that day? In general, is that day more crowded at Islands of Adventure as well? Thank you. We are planning to go in 2019.

Dad meets Mickey

Do what your dad love on Father’s Day – Photo by Mrs. Mom.

Okay. So Father’s Day, one of the busiest days of the year at Walt Disney World. Everybody wants to take their dad to Disney World for Father’s Day since everybody loves their dad and everybody wants to honor their dad. That’s just the busiest holiday of the whole year…

I’m lying. Father’s Day is not a busy holiday. It’s not a special holiday. If you look at it, father’s Day is always the second Sunday in June, I think. Something like that. Yeah, second Sunday in June.

So if you look at Dad’s June crowd calendar page, you’ll see that that second Sunday in June is not particularly a busy day. It is right after the Florida schools get out so the crowds are up a little bit from earlier in the month but it’s still not a busy day.

There’s nothing special that goes on for Father’s Day at Disney World.

Don’t have a clue about Universal and the Islands of Adventure but I’d assume their patterns are much like Disney. Which park is best? It really doesn’t matter. Honor your dad. Go to his favorite park. But Father’s Day is not busy.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Father’s Day is really not… It’s just another day at Walt Disney World. It’s Sunday. Sundays, especially in the mornings, tend to be kinda slow. So it’s a good day to visit any of the parks at Walt Disney World.


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