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The Favorite Ride at Disney World is…

Last month I declared the Best ride at Disney World ever is Rise of the Resistance and I stand by that. It is the BEST ride that Disney has ever created. But, that doesn’t mean it’s the FAVORITE at Disney World.


That would be… nope. You gotta wait…

Everyone has a Favorite Ride at Disney World


Slinky Dog Dash is certainly a contender for favorite ride at Disney World

Slinky Dog is certainly a contender – photo by Cliff Wang

We all have favorites when it comes to the rides at Disney World and it’s hard to choose, there are so many great ones. I love Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Kilimanjaro Safari, Tomorrowland Transit Authority, both the new Star Wars attractions, the Tiki Room, Test Track, ooh, Slinky Dog Dash and so many more. It’s really hard to choose.


Mrs. Mom’s list would be different.


When I asked the team I got three different answers from three people. The Princess said Flight of Passage, Tatjana said, Expedition Everest, Stephanie said Rise of the Resistance, Leah said Haunted Mansion, and Kim said the old Soarin’. That’s quite a lineup.


Everyone has their favorite.

Dad’s Favorite

Pigment with a megaphone telling Dad about his favorite ride at Disney WorldYes, I listed some of my favorite rides, but my mostest favorite ride at Disney World EVER is, can you guess?


It’s the Tea Cups, right?


PIGMENT!!!! You know better than that. I hate the Tea Cups.


Really, I didn’t know that (wink, wink).


Back to sleep Pigment.


Nighty, Night.


So while Pigment was so rudely interrupting did you figure out what Dad’s FAVORITE ever ride at Disney World is? Let me give you a hint, it’s the one that

Readers Digest Says…


Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin is Dad's Favorite Ride at Disney World

I love Buzz Lightyear – photo by Mike Billick


That’s right. Readers Digest itself has proclaimed Buzz Lightyear in all its forms around the world as the most popular ride* Disney has ever created.


Link to Readers Digest Article


I saw that and immediately decided I had to write something about it. I had to celebrate. The favorite ride in the whole wide world. (Maybe not the Big Blue World, but Nemo would love it.) That’s quite an honor. Most popular/favorite ride in the whole world of Disney Parks.


I can’t argue. I’ve ridden the Disney World and the Disneyland versions. They are slightly different (the guns are very different) but the goal is the same. Shoot the targets and score points. What could be more fun that that? Certainly not spinning around in those awful Tea Cups.


I love Buzz Lightyear. Every time we’re at Disney World, the first thing we do is get FastPasses for Buzz. Mrs. Mom and I are going in April, we’re visiting the Magic Kingdom two days and I’m getting FastPasses for Buzz both days. I can’t wait.

Dad’s Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin page

Dad’s Bottom Line

It’s nice to know that everyone in the whole world agrees with me. Buzz Lightyear is the BEST RIDE EVER AT DISNEY. Who knew? (I did.)


*Yes, I understand that most popular and favorite is different, but not that different.


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  1. That is truly ironic Dad – because the two days we go to Magic Kingdom during our stays, it is the first ride we go on when the ropes drop and then multiple fast passes through out the day! We just LOVE that ride! It is the ride we go on most – out of ALL the rides at all four parks.


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