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Feb 2&3, 2019-do I believe Dad or touring plans??😬

Feb 2&3, 2019-do I believe Dad or touring plans??😬

by Anastasia
(Safety harbor, fl)

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“Hi Dad!

Trying to choose between first 2 weekends of February 2019. Touring plans is showing the first weekend as the better choice. Your calendar, however, is showing green for Thursday and Friday, but sharp uptick to heavy traffic Saturday and Sunday the 2nd and 3rd.

Would this be the dance competition you mentioned? Agonizing over the Choice as it is our first trip-what would you recommend? thanks so much for your help!

Also thanks for such an informative website,


You have to ask?

Hi Anastasia,

Pigment is surprised

Let’s see, believe Dad or TouringPlans? Duh, do you really have to ask?

Now Dad. That wasn’t nice. Come down off that high horse and be civil. The nice lady asked a good question.

Good question? Well I nev…

DAD!!! In the immortal words of one of your favorite songs, “stop right there, before you go any further” stop and think. Don’t say (write) anything you’re going to regret later.

Take a deep breath. Grab a Diet Dr. Pepper and answer the nice lady’s question calmly and with your emotions in check.

Since when did you become the rational one?

Weird isn’t it?

OK, lets see if we can tackle this without getting emotional.

I don’t think my crowd calendar and TouringPlans tell all that different of a story.

February Disney World Crowd Calendar

Yes, if you look at my February Crowd Calendar it shows a bump in crowds on the first weekend in February.

Dad’s February Disney World Crowds page

I stuck that in there because for the last couple of years I’ve noticed an uptick in crowds that weekend.

TouringPlans shows the same thing, but to a lesser degree. They show a bump on Saturday that goes back down on Sunday.

Dad’s TouringPlans page

TouringPlans shows the crowd levels the second weekend lower than the first weekend, kind of like Dad.

Yes, I show the crowd levels higher than TouringPlans does, but the pattern is much the same. They do have it a little busier the first Saturday than the second Saturday.

One big difference between me and TourinPlans is I don’t adjust my calendars. I make my predictions and stick to them. TouringPlans might adjust theirs the week before you go and all of the sudden you are dealing with heavy crowds when you were expecting light.

Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

I think the first weekend in February will be just a little busier than the second. Maybe not a lot, but some. Either weekend will be good because YOU’RE GOING TO DISNEY WORLD!


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