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February, April or June?

by Jessica
(Gulf Shores AL)

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“Hey! If you could choose between Feb 21 – 25… April 5 – 10 or May 31-June 5th… All 2020, which would you choose for lowest crowds. We are wanting to go ahead and book our hotel. Thanks!”

April – Spring Break

Hi Jessica,

Between those 3 dates, right off the bat I would eliminate the April date. That’s during the Spring break season and a week before Easter. That will be a very busy week.

February – Mardi Gras

Let’s dive deeper into the February dates. February is typically a slow month except for the week of Presidents Day. In 2020 that’s February 17. By the 21st the crowds will pretty much be gone and you’ll have a nice quiet time (or as quite as it gets after Galaxy’s Edge opens).

Or maybe not. In 2020 Mardi Gras is February 25th. In the last few years, Mardi Gras week has become a fairly busy week.

I would expect moderate crowds February 21st through 25th plus you’ll have the Festival of the Arts at EPCOT which is pretty cool.

June is a Big Question Mark

We’re not really sure what that first week in June is going to look like. This year (2019) is the first year Gay Days have moved to August. Assuming it doesn’t go back to the first weekend in June in 2020, it’s hard to predict what crowd levels will be like for that week. We don’t have good historical data.

My guess is the first few days of June in 2020 will be light to moderate crowds. Memorial Day is the week before so you won’t have that (even though that doesn’t bring a lot of crowds.)

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Destinations to Travel

Dad’s Bottom Line

Jessica, if it were me, I’d pick the May 31st through June 5th. I’m not saying any of the others are bad, just crowd wise, I think that will be the lowest of the 3. And do contact our partners at Destinations to Travel to book your trip.


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